Benefit - High Beam

Monday, January 28, 2013

I know you've seen plenty of Benefit reviews here on FMM... but the truth is, Benefit is just one of those brands I've adored for many years!  High Beam has been a staple in my makeup train case for many many years!  In fact, i still remember back when i used to work just steps away from the Sephora in the heart of NYC's Times Square!  This was certainly a dangerous situation for me, but it was also a wonderful way to escape the craziness of the fashion industry and my daily dose of NYC madness!   It was there that i discovered Benefit and have since been a mah-jor fan!  High Beam is the perfect little product when you want to keep your look soft and angelic.  It's essentially a highlighter that will accentuate those gorgeous cheek bones i know you have!  Have you tried High Beam?  What do you think?

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Oz The Great and Powerful - New Urban Decay Launch!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

So Urban Decay posted quite an intriguing picture on Instagram today!  As i investigated further i realized that they just launched two palettes inspired by the famous witches of the much anticipated flick Oz The Great and Powerful!  The Glinda Palette reflects on the goodness that she represents.  This palette is filled with beautifully soft hues.  The Theodora Palette seems a bit more dark and sultry!  These palettes appear to be built with removable shadow pans so that once you finish the original colors, you can essentially build your own palette using other Urban Decay favorites!  Another cool thing about these palettes is that in addition to the gorgeous shadows, you'll also get an Easy glide eye pencil as well as a High Gloss Lip Pencil!  Nice!

I don't know about you but I'm dying to watch this movie!  As much as i love Glinda (after all, my daughter Olivia dressed up as her this past Halloween - Mimi was Dorothy), i think that i will be purchasing The Theodora palette first!  I know Sephora is launching this collection next week!  I will press 'buy' as soon as they say the word!  Hey, a girl needs her VIB points you know!  But if you really can't wait 'til then, you can purchase them now via Urban Decay's website!

All photos were kindly borrowed from Urban Decay's website :)  Thank you so much for reading!
 XOXO Carla

Sephora - Birthday Insider Gift!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

So, are you a Sephora Insider?  If not, you may want to trot on over to your local Sephora and sign up for free!  There are a ton of perks!  For every $100 you spend, you get a free deluxe sample!  For every $500 you spend, you get one of their gift sets which often includes some really great product choices!  There are also other fun perks, but my absolute favorite... one i never forget to claim is my BIRTHDAY GIFT!  Yes!  You get a birthday gift just for being a Beauty Insider!  This year's gift is from the awesome brand Benefit and consists of their best mascara They're Real and What's Up highlighter.  I was thrilled to get this little set in the mail because I'm a HUGE fan of They're Real mascara and of course was curious about the highlighter since i had yet to try it!  I"m happy to say that i love it and use it often!  So don't forget to claim your birthday gift this year!  And whenever that day comes... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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Benefit - She's So Jetset!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Going somewhere special?  Ok me neither... but that doesn't mean you can't snatch Benefit's She's So Jetset... you know, just in case!  I fell in love with this set a couple of months ago and quickly added it to my holiday wishlist.  Sadly, this pretty palette was not in my Christmas stocking... but... i did get Sephora gift cards so i instantly put this gorgeous set in my virtual shopping cart!  I was so excited to delve into all the goodies in this value set!  I've been a huge fan of POREfessional fan for months now... in fact, i'd say it's probably one of my absolute favorite products.  You can check out my review here!  I'd also tried and loved They're Real mascara (in fact, it's probably one of my favorite mascaras) as well which i've also reviewed, so i knew that i would be well served with those products.  The other goodies were completely new to me!  Since i've never met a Benefit product i didn't love and drool over, i knew i wouldn't be disappointed!

Overall, i found the shadows to be well pigmented and very VERY pretty!  The hues are totally versatile and i think will look gorgeous on every skin tone.  The blush/highlighter are pretty as well but not as pigmented as the shadows.  For this reason, i find them both better suited as highlighters.  As mentioned before, the POREfessional is uhhhmazing making all those yucky pores disappear with a simple swipe of this velvety potion.  The gloss is a lovely pale shade of blush pink making it the perfect complement to the pretty shadows.  The mascara They're Real is probably one of my go-to mascaras!  You'll love this great set... and for only $36, i think it's quite a steal!  So get your jetset on with Benefit's She's So Jetset value set now before they sell out.  They've already sold out at Sephora!  Boohoo

Ode To My Fellow Capricorns!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

If you're a Capricorn like meee.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It's funny but a majority of my best friends are either Capricorns or earth signs in general!  The truth is, Capricorns ROCK in my book!  During the holidays, i picked up this little beauty at Anthropologie for one of my Capricorn friends.  However, when it went on sale after Christmas, i had to pick it up for myself as well!  The 'tracing stars' pouch is not only chic but super spacious!  Perfect for all my makeup necessities when on the go!  Best of all, it's a wonderful shout out to my awesome astrological sign!  I will use it and love it for a long time!  Sadly, it's no longer available on Anthropologie's website, but i did see a few on eBay and i bet there are still a few in store... you never know!

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Fresh SUGAR Lip Polish

Saturday, January 19, 2013

So this past week has been a total fail.  I spent last weekend in bed with a cold and guess where i am today... in bed with a cold again!  I can't seem to shake this yucky feeling right now!  My lips have been so incredibly dry.  No matter how much lip balm i apply, they just feel flaky and in desperate need of some TLC.  Thankfully, with my recent Sephora order, i received this Fresh SUGAR Lip Polish for FREE!  SCORE!  I'm such a fan of Fresh products so I've been itching to try this lip scrub for a long time!  Well, it couldn't have arrived at a better time!  I immediately dipped into this chock full of sugar crystals... dabbed some on my lips and proceeded to massage them thoroughly.  I gently wiped the crystals off with some warm water and then applied my favorite lip balm.  Ahhhhh much better!  My lips feel so much smoother!  So now, i keep it on my nightstand because the minute i start to feel the flakiness... i know i'll be armed and prepared!  Bring it on Winter!

Thank you so much for reading... ok, gotta go get some rest and shake this yucky cold off!  XOXO Carla


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

As we commence with 2013, i find myself curious about all the new monthly beauty boxes that are surfacing amongst all the ones we currenly know and love!  I was recently introduced to Wantable.  They are a start-up company whose focus is on beauty products as well as jewelry!  As with many of the other beauty box services, you'll need to take a style quiz in order for the Wantable staff to determine which products best suit you.  You can purchase each box for $40 (birthday gift anyone?) or subscribe monthly for $36.  Every box is valued at $75 and up!  However, no sample sizes here... you'll get 4-6 full size products in every box.  The free shipping and returns make it a cinch to return any boxes you are not super thrilled with! 

So now on to the good stuff... let me show you the box Wantable sent me!  It was filled with some pretty impressive goodies! 

This lipgloss in 'Deeply in Love' by BFR was hydrating and felt amazing on my lips!  It provided the perfect amount of color without overpowering!  The color is so pretty!

I'm actually a pretty big fan of kohl liners mainly because they seem to glide on and are less abrasive on the lid.  I found this one from Verhoeven to be pretty good.

Although i'd heard of Beauty For Real products, i had never tried them.  See that's the beauty of these 'beauty boxes'... you get to try new brands!  This lip pencil is a fleshy color that seems to blend well with my natural lip tone.  I found it to seal the lip gloss pretty nicely.

Ok so i've never heard of Benecos before.  I'll be honest, i wasn't impressed with the packaging on this shadow at all!  But this little shadow in Mokka quickly redeemed itself when i sampled the color.  It's actually way more pigmented then i gave it credit for.  Note to self... do not judge a book by it's color! Oh and the color is lovely!

I'm actually a fan of Color Club nail polishes!  The red (Style Icon) is gorgeous but the deep grayish blue (First Looks) is stunning!

Paula Dorf... WHY does this name sound so familiar to me!  I am certain i owned Paula Dorf products in the past and can't for the life of me remember what!  Well, i have to say this was perhaps my favorite product in this box!  You've heard me say it a million times, i love multi-tasking products and this stunner was no exception!  You can use this gorgeous creamy beauty on your lips, cheeks and eyes!!!  Take THAT!

Ok, i don't love getting perfume in my beauty boxes, but i'm not gonna lie... i actually really REALLY liked this one from Kai!  I found myself sniffing my pulse points every few seconds!

Here are a few more swatches!

So what did you think?  Personally, i was VERY impressed with this box!  I do think it's a little expensive for a monthly service, but i think it's a great option to get every once in a while OR as a gift!  I'm very curious about their jewelry box!  I'll have to check it out soon!

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Get The Look! Amy Adams Wears Jouer on the Red Carpet!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Makeup artist Stephen Sollitto used Jouer to create Amy Adams stunning red carpet look for the Critics Choice Awards last night!  Doesn't she look uhhh-mazing??? You've heard me chat about my adoration for Jouer before but now i'm even more in obsessed!  Here's how Stephen created her flawless look in his own words:

“I wanted to make Amy look simple yet polished for her first of many red carpets this season. First I used Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation in light on her skin and one shade lighter (Fair) for under her eyes. This foundation has an easy applicable texture to it. It also makes the skin look beautifully creamy.

For Amy's eyes I kept it simple with Jouer Powder Eyeshadow in Espresso. I applied the shadow all over the lid and dragged out on the outer corners. Espresso is a metallic-ky taupe shade that is dark enough, yet neutral enough to make Amy’s eyes stand out without screaming for attention. Under her lashes I used Jouer Powder Eyeshadow in Bordeaux; a faded grape and a beautiful color on the skin. By sweeping a color underneath the eye it widens the eye and they become the focus. I finished with a little black liner at the lash line to make the eyes pop.


For Amy’s cheeks I used Jouer Mineral Powder Blush in Rose, a wearable neutral shade. It was perfect. This blush has been on my favorite list for a while now.

To finish the look, I used Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Divine on Amy's lips. Divine is a gorgeous, wearable everyday rose-colored neutral. It perfectly tied the look together.” – Stephen Sollitto


Props to Stephen Sollitto for making the already gorgeous Amy Adams shine in Jouer!   

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On the Daily Glow - Some fun beauty fixes!

So i came across these interesting beauty fixes over on the Daily Glow and couldn't resist sharing with all of you! 

Hairspray to fight static!

Nail Polish to decode keys!

Razor to smooth sweaters!

Nail polish remover to shine your shoes!

To read up on how these beauty fixes work, visit the Daily Glow!  

*These images are property of the Daily Glow.