Tuesday, January 15, 2013

As we commence with 2013, i find myself curious about all the new monthly beauty boxes that are surfacing amongst all the ones we currenly know and love!  I was recently introduced to Wantable.  They are a start-up company whose focus is on beauty products as well as jewelry!  As with many of the other beauty box services, you'll need to take a style quiz in order for the Wantable staff to determine which products best suit you.  You can purchase each box for $40 (birthday gift anyone?) or subscribe monthly for $36.  Every box is valued at $75 and up!  However, no sample sizes here... you'll get 4-6 full size products in every box.  The free shipping and returns make it a cinch to return any boxes you are not super thrilled with! 

So now on to the good stuff... let me show you the box Wantable sent me!  It was filled with some pretty impressive goodies! 

This lipgloss in 'Deeply in Love' by BFR was hydrating and felt amazing on my lips!  It provided the perfect amount of color without overpowering!  The color is so pretty!

I'm actually a pretty big fan of kohl liners mainly because they seem to glide on and are less abrasive on the lid.  I found this one from Verhoeven to be pretty good.

Although i'd heard of Beauty For Real products, i had never tried them.  See that's the beauty of these 'beauty boxes'... you get to try new brands!  This lip pencil is a fleshy color that seems to blend well with my natural lip tone.  I found it to seal the lip gloss pretty nicely.

Ok so i've never heard of Benecos before.  I'll be honest, i wasn't impressed with the packaging on this shadow at all!  But this little shadow in Mokka quickly redeemed itself when i sampled the color.  It's actually way more pigmented then i gave it credit for.  Note to self... do not judge a book by it's color! Oh and the color is lovely!

I'm actually a fan of Color Club nail polishes!  The red (Style Icon) is gorgeous but the deep grayish blue (First Looks) is stunning!

Paula Dorf... WHY does this name sound so familiar to me!  I am certain i owned Paula Dorf products in the past and can't for the life of me remember what!  Well, i have to say this was perhaps my favorite product in this box!  You've heard me say it a million times, i love multi-tasking products and this stunner was no exception!  You can use this gorgeous creamy beauty on your lips, cheeks and eyes!!!  Take THAT!

Ok, i don't love getting perfume in my beauty boxes, but i'm not gonna lie... i actually really REALLY liked this one from Kai!  I found myself sniffing my pulse points every few seconds!

Here are a few more swatches!

So what did you think?  Personally, i was VERY impressed with this box!  I do think it's a little expensive for a monthly service, but i think it's a great option to get every once in a while OR as a gift!  I'm very curious about their jewelry box!  I'll have to check it out soon!

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  1. Nice! You can definitely do a great look with that!


  2. Interesting products!
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  5. I think all these boxes are pretty amazing. I personally love trying new products or at least living vicariously through everyone. Thanks for the review it's great!

  6. Love the colors of these nail polishes!

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  7. i really love the dark red lipgloss! i don't own anything similar - just a lot of pink ones haha. i also love your nails, wow! they're perfect looking:)

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  8. Really like the look of the lipgloss. The vampy colour is so in right now :) Thanks for leaving your lovely comment on my blog. Now following you, too. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!


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