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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ok ladies, sit down... no really, you'll want to sit down for what I'm about to share with you!  I am seriously about to change your life!  Yep, you heard correctly!  How many of you spend hundreds of dollars on Keratin Treatments?  How many of you wish you could afford to do a Keratin treatment but simply don't have the $250-$500 these treatments cost??   I hear you loud and clear!  Let me give you a little background on my lovely hair!  For years, I've struggled with thick, unruly hair!  On average, blowing out my hair took at least one hour of complete torture!  Even so, five minutes after walking out of my house, my hair would swell and frizz!  Then came the awkward random waves that would show up in various parts of my head (though never where I'd like for them to actually be)! 
No seriously... last year, at back to school night (I'm a teacher), i straightened my hair and thought i looked super cute.  However, as the day progressed, my hair began to do it's typical swelling and frizzing.  However, this time, it was on a whole other level!  By the time my students' parents walked into my classroom, i looked like i had stuck my finger through and electrical socket!  Yep, that was the lovely impression my students' parents walked away with!  I... was... MORTIFIED!

 I'd been researching the various treatments/ straighteners available on the market to find the perfect one for my hair!  I ended up doing Thermafuse F450 which set me back a whopping $360!!!  Oh yeah, i had to sell a lot of junk on eBay to afford that one!  Don't get me wrong, it was worth every penny because my hair looked and felt amazing!  However, i seriously stressed about how i was going to continue to afford this treatment every few months!  Back in my single days, i could easily rock my Pradas and Guccis, but now i'm a mommy which means i have to think twice before investing in these kinds of luxuries.  Since my first Thermafuse treatment, I've done two Keratin treatments and another Thermafuse which happens to have only been a few short weeks ago.  Let me tell you about that experience!  The hair dresser felt that since I'm a blond, she'd only use a flat iron at 400 degrees vs. 450.  Well, guess what?? It didn't work!  Can you imagine how annoyed i was???  I mean, who wants to spend that kind of money and end up with a treatment that doesn't work!  As you can imagine, I was fuming and completely frustrated!

Into my life walks Uncurly!  Uncurly is a 'salon Keratin without the salon' product!  Uncurly's mission is to make this 'life-changing' treatment available to all.  They believe that if you can wash, dry and flat iron your hair, you are essentially over qualified to do this yourself!   When you think about needing an actual professional to cut your hair, i mean, that makes total sense right?  It takes knowledge, practice and skill.  Washing hair... applying a product... blow drying... flat ironing... anyone can do this!  It's NOT brain surgery!  So why do we need a salon?  Forget the political mumbo jumbo... this is the real conspiracy! OK, I'm being silly but really... why (until now) has this product been limited to salons!!!  I mean, if you'd rather have it done at a salon for the mere fact that someone else is doing the treatment, that's fine!  But are you seriously willing to pay an extra couple of hundred dollars or more just for that?  If you're truly not comfortable doing it yourself, certainly there is someone in your life who'll be more than willing to help you out I'm sure!  In fact, one kit allows you 3-8 treatments so why not have a KERATIN PARTY??!!  Invite some friends over, and do the treatment on each other!  In my case, my lovely sister (who BTW has no professional training) did my hair!  I, in turn, did my mother's hair and i can assure you that I've never been to beauty school! 

Here are some before pics of my mom.  This is what her hair looks like after washing, blow drying and flat ironing (prior to using Uncurly Keratin).   As you can see, her hair is quite unruly because by the time she arrived at my house, it looked like this! Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

OK so here's how it works!  I did the treatment on my mom first, and will show you those pics to illustrate this amazing product .  My mom was diagnosed with lupus several years ago.  All the meds she takes have completely taken a toll on her hair.  I was thrilled to be able to do this for her and have to tell you i am thrilled with the results... as is she!  

Step 1... wash your hair thoroughly with Uncurly's pre-shampoo which prepares the hair for the keratin application.  Comb your hair out.  Blow dry.

Step 2:  Section hair off and begin by applying the Brazilian Keratin Straightener.  You only need a tiny bit.  Hair should look damp not drenched.  In fact, if you run a comb through the hair and you see product residuals on the comb, you've probably applied too much.  In the event that this happens, don't worry, it won't affect the outcome!  But try to use small amounts evenly through your entire hair.

Step 3:  Blow dry hair completely!  Once it's dry, section off hair and begin by flat ironing small sections (flat iron should be at 450 degrees) to seal in the keratin.

Here is one side of my mom's hair that had already been flat ironed.

Here's the other side of my mom's hair prior to flat ironing.  Quite the difference right?

Here's the finished product!  How uhhhh-mazing does my mom's hair look??!!! 

Step 4:  Leave the product in for three days.  During this time, it is important to keep the hair dry.  If for some reason it does get a little wet, simply blow dry and flat iron.  The great thing about this keratin treatment versus others I've done is that YOU CAN crease your hair!  So go ahead and put it up in a pony tail or a clip because it simply will not affect the results!  After three days, wash your hair using Uncurly's Finish Shampoo to wash out the solution. 

Now to address some concerns that have been instilled in us regarding keratin treatments!  I was under the impression that you should only use sulfate free products on your hair after doing a such treatment.  I was quite surprised that studies have shown no difference between a group of people that only used sulfate free versus those who didn't.  You can read more about this here.

Additionally, there have been concerns about the use of formaldehyde in these types of products.  Many have immediately discarded them simply because we tend to associate formaldehyde with well.. dead people!  The truth is, formaldehyde is a basic part of the natural world and is not harmful in appropriate concentrations.  Our own bodies produce it during normal metabolism, causing us no harm.  You can read more about it here.

Overall, this is absolutely an amazing product!  I can assure you that i will never EVER step foot in a salon again to have this treatment done!  It's so easy to do at home and completely affordable!  The starter kit which includes a baby bliss flat iron costs only $98.99!!  If you already own a flat iron that reaches 450 degrees, than you can skip the starter kit and order solely the products costing you only $69.99!  Remember, one set of the three products is good for 3-8 treatments depending on the length and thickness of your hair! So do the math!!!  You can't NOT get it... it's way too good of a deal to pass up! 

OK, now that I've shown you my mom's hair, I'll let you peek at my hair and share with you my own personal experience since it's been a few weeks since I've done it on myself.  Basically, the three day 'wait period' was easier then i expected.  I attribute this to the fact that i was able to push my hair back in a pony tail when necessary.  When i first washed the product out, after the three day wait period, i quickly noticed how much lighter my hair felt!  I knew immediately the product had worked!  The true test, however was the blow drying time and of course a few hours in pure humidity!  It took 10 minutes to fully blow dry my hair!  I used very little hair product and didn't need the flat iron at all.  Oh and guess what??  We just had our 'back to school' night last week and it was sooo humid!  But this time, you'd never know it by my hair!  It was straight, sleek, not frizzy or swollen... in fact, I've received nothing but compliments since having this treatment done! 

 Here's a pic of my hair last week (several weeks after the treatment).  I have no product on my hair and all i did was blow dry it.  I didn't even use a brush, let alone a flat iron!  It was very humid out and this was mid afternoon!  No frizz, no swelling... yay!  If you want to see what my hair looks like without keratin (air dried), click here.  But be warned, it's not pretty!



  1. I, too, had unruly hair. Uncurly is amazing. It's really hard to believe that it's so simple and inexpensive, right? My hair has never looked better! Now if I could only find the secret long-lasting depilatory that I'm sure exists somewhere out there...would love to get back the time I spend shaving my legs!

    1. Hi Colleen, i'm so glad you had a great experience as well! And i hear you loud and clear on the shaving thing! And personally, if they found a fix for cow licks... my life would be complete! lol

    2. Try ant egg oil from tala :)

  2. love thıs product haır lookıng perfect

  3. Hi! I just have to say, after reading this post you've compelled me to write a comment. I found your blog a few months back after searching for at-home-keratin treatments. I love that you have finally found something!!! I was seriously considering just buying the products that the salon uses and doing it myself.
    I really appreciate that you've posted pics!! They look great!! I do have a question though, my flat iron goes up to 410F, do you think this would be enough? I want to buy this product I just don't know if I should get another flat iron.
    Thanks for finding this great product!!

    1. Hi there, i'm so glad you visited again! Ok, from my personal experience, the 450 degrees is crucial in achieving the desired result! Uncurly sells a starter kit for $99 that includes an amazing baby bliss flat iron! If you click on the "starter kit" highlighted in my post, it should bring you right to that page! Please let me know your thoughts if you try it! I can honestly say, this is one of the best inventions ever! Especially now that you can do it at home!

    2. I will definitely let you know. I think I'll just go ahead and buy the extra flat iron. Thanks for your help!!

  4. Ok, first off I love mom's hair;)!!! Second, great post as usual!! I love coming here...I have naturally curly hair so this is right up my alley, maybe I can have some order amongst the chaos;)

  5. Thanks for sharing this!! I want to try this!

    xx Viola

  6. WOW, this looks like a great product! I just run the flat iron through my hair but people who have very curly hair could benefit from this.

  7. You have such a lovely blog, with great photography and style! Do you want to follow each other?? Let me know posting on my blog :)

  8. I would love to hear from any natural African American women who may have tried this? I'm hoping there's some positive results so I can save my $350!

    1. Hi there! Ok, so i peeked through the UnCurly website in attempts to answer your question. Thankfully, their FAQ actually addresses this very issue. Here's the link: http://www.uncurly.com/FAQhtml.html#Does_Uncurly™_work_on_African-American_hair?

      I think you may be saving $350 after all! This stuff is genius! I'm ordering it again for my mom... we are all huge fans now! Let me know how it turns out if you try it. xoxo

    2. African American natural hair clients are BY FAR the biggest segment of our customer base. We've linked one of several Youtube videos about Uncurly on natural hair on our website, Uncurly.com.

  9. Definitely trying this treatment! Thank you!!

  10. is uncurly basicly a diy straight perm because i have verry curly frizzy hair and im looking for a perm kit that i can do that isnt super expensive so if someone con get back to me asap that would be great. thanks

  11. I did this treatment several years ago and genuinely don't remember the pony tail situation. I don't want to misinform you. My best advice is to go to the Uncurly website and ask them this question as I'm sure they will better inform you. Sorry I couldn't be more help and hope you find the answers you're looking for. Xo

  12. i just wonder if it alters curl pattern, i love straight but i dnt want to completely lose the curls