Monday, September 26, 2016

GLOSSYBOX Secret Garden Edition

The September GLOSSYBOX is the equivalent of your favorite fashion and beauty September editions!  Known around the world as the month of fashion, September inspired the GLOSSYBOX team to curate a box influenced by the undeniable synonymy of beauty and fashion.  While i love the idea of a box themed around fashion week... or shall we say month... this box quickly became even more dear to me when i realized that it was designed by fashion illustrator Antonio Soares who is known for his avant-garde, high fashion style.  He's worked with fashion powerhouses Chanel and Dolce Gabbana and many more prestigious brands around the world.  Antonio Soares is a native of Portugal, as am i, so I'm incredibly proud of his work and will forever treasure this beautiful box!

Now lets peek inside shall we?  

Borghese Superiore State of the Art Mascara promises to lift, separate and curl your lashes with a curved wand that follows the natural shape of your eye. I personally love the fun tidbit included in the product information pamphlet.... Why do women naturally open their mouths when applying mascara, you ask?  Because it's easier not to blink when your mouth is open!

MONUspa Rosewood Reviving Mist revitalizes your skin on-the-go with an invigorating combination of lemon, rosewood and sandalwood essential oils.  This handbag must-have refreshes dull complexions and awakens the senses with just a few spritzes.  When i spray this on my skin, i close my eyes and enjoy the ultra relaxing scent.  It seriously reminds me of my favorite spa!  So good!  I love that you can also use it to set your makeup!

MODELLAUNCHER Brow Duo Pencil allows you to define with the precision of a pencil but also the smoothness of a powder for natural arches.  These types of brow pencils are typically my favorite for ease of application. GLOSSYBOX TIP:  To create the perfect brow, use small, feathery strokes to fill in sparse areas.  After that, utilize the brush to blend and smooth hairs.

KORRES Modern Greek Apothecary Volcanic Minerals Twist Eyeshadow provides vibrant color and smudge-free wear without all of the harmful additives.  KORRES Moder Greek Apothecary replaces synthetics with natural ingredients that are beneficial to the skin!  This is a full size product valued at $18 (pretty much pays for the box).  Also, perhaps my favorite product in this month's box!

Sesderma Cleanser and C-VIT Moisturizing Serum - Toss out your regular face wash and enjoy Sesderma's soothing ingredients that nourish and , seamlessly remove face and eye makeup from even the most sensitive of skins without any irritation.  GLOSSYBOX TIP: Pour cleanser on a cotton pad and clean your face until traces of impurities are removed from the skin.  After this, apply the C-VIT Moisturizing Serum that's brimming with antioxidants, set to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and boost radiance.

A wonderful new feature in GLOSSYBOX's informational pamphlet is a sneak peek at a product in next month's box.  For October GLOSSYBOX will feature Emite Make Up Lip & Cheek Tint!  One of the things i love most with beauty box subscription services is discovering new brands.  This is a brand i have never heard of but am very excited to try!  In fact, I've discovered some of my favorite brands through services like GLOSSYBOX!  Besides, the value in each box surpasses the monthly cost! 

Subscribe to GLOSSYBOX here for only $21 per month.  You can save some money by subscribing to the three, six or 12 month plan!  Either way, you'll love all the wonderful products featured in your monthly box.  It's like a little present you get to unwrap just for you!  Also, beautifully crafted boxes such as this one are also beautiful keepsakes that you can display.  Totally fun and totally worth it!  

Thank you so much for reading! Xo, Carla - FMM
*press sample 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hello Fall...

Fall is here and while i adore Summer, i couldn't be more ready to embrace my favorite season! Bring on the sweaters, booties and pumpkin spice errrrthang! Early Fall weather can make things a bit tricky when it comes to selecting your ootd.  After all, mornings and evenings are nippy but often times I'm fanning myself in the early afternoon because it's so dang hot!  This is why it's important to layer! Layering is also a great way to extend the wear of some of your favorite Summer pieces!  Take this dress for instance... it's just a simple, flowy and super comfy black dress that i wore often this Summer!  It was such an easy piece because i could dress it up or dress it down.  Well, as i transition my wardrobe into the Fall, i can simply top this dress with my favorite jackets and booties and I'm ready to go!

I'm on such an olive kick it's insane!  In fact, even my most recent jeep purchase is reflective of this color obsession of mine!  Naturally, when i spotted this gorgeous jacket for $21 i did the happy dance a few times over in the store!  Would you ever know it cost less than a couple trips to Starbucks? I'm in love and i believe it comes in a few color options!  Another timeless option is a fitted denim jacket. You can never go wrong with a denim jacket over a dress.  It's such a timeless yet fun look that I'll never grow sick of.  This necklace adds a wonderful pop of color and compliments the olive toned jacket as well as the denim jacket beautifully!  These booties are not only chic but are so comfy!  I can't be bothered with shoes that pinch my feet!  Trust me, I've been there done that but I'm over it!

How sweet is my little fur sister Shanti Lily?!

Lastly, you need to have a great bag for Fall.  Camel toned bags have always been a Fall obsession of mine.  This new addition to my Fall wardrobe is everything.  I have yet to put it down.  It's roomy, stylish and super functional! An absolute must in my opinion!

So lets chat... what are your favorite transitional Fall pieces?  Thanks so much for reading! Xo, Carla


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Transitioning My Summer Curls Into The Fall

Summer hair is the easiest for me though i'll admit, it hasn't always been that way!  I have naturally curly hair that is processed and often gets frizzy and just plain unruly! For years, i lost the curls on the top layer of my hair making it virtually impossible to air dry.  I envied anyone who could just wash and go because my hair was so high maintenance!  However, the past couple of years i have finally been enjoying being able to do just that... wash and go!  While it seems simple, and it is... there is a little method to my madness.  I need good, hydrating products that will help my curls stay put and frizz free.  I love Living Proof's Curl Collection and have used it since its launch.  However, I was recently introduced to a number of products that have left my hair begging for more.  You all know that anytime this happens i have to share it with my beauty BFF's... you!

Lets begin with Wen... i've used Wen's Cleansing Conditioner and Styling Creme many times!  I actually loved the way my hair felt after using these products and that's saying a lot considering my hair is not easy to please. Since Wen's early days, the line's expanded quite a bit so i recently had the opportunity to try the Nourishing Mousse and the Summer Honey Peach Replenishing Treatment Mist.  Admittedly, i hesitated when trying the mousse because in general, mousse tends to make my hair crunchy and there is nothing i hate more than the feeling of crunchy curls!  Ugh... Well much to my surprise, i actually loved this mousse and am just about done with my first bottle!  That's quite a compliment coming from a beauty blogger with quite a stash of hair products! I notice that this helps define my curl but leaves it feeling soft to the touch which is so important to me.  The Replenishing Treatment Mist is a wonderful product too.  I simply spray this on to my towel dried hair and it adds a ton of moisture and hydration that is immediately noted to the touch.  So impressed with my new Wen additions!  Will definitely try more!  Check them out here.

If drugstore hair care is more your jam then i have to tell you about OGX products!  Oh my gosh this brand has been rocking my world with their amazing products!  First, if you're as much into coconut anything as i am you will fall madly in LOVE with their Quenching Coconut Curls as well as their Coconut Water Weightless Hydration Oil!  Aside from the dreamy light coconut scent, these products do not skimp on moisture and hydration!  They really help fight frizz and tame my curls without weighing them down.

If you're all about the multi-tasking products (like me... 'cause ain't nobody got time for that) then you're gonna fall madly for OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Miracle In-Shower Oil! You can add this beauty on your hair and skin for head to toe hydration!  I especially love slathering this all over my legs after shaving!  It leaves my hair and skin so soft and silky! This is a major drugstore gem!!!

I think the key to healthy is hair is to switch things up every so often.  I feel as though my hair gets used to certain products and over time they become less effective.  This is why i have several options when it comes to hair oils and products that add shine to my hair!  The OGX B5 Weightless Oil Mist really helped revive my hair after my summer vacation in Cabo.  All that Chlorine and sun took a major toll on my locks so when i got back i drenched it with masks (more on that in a bit) and this oil mist!  It gives hair such a healthy appearance while rebuilding damage.

OK lets chat masks!  Masks are absolutely essential for quenching thirsty hair!  I like to use a hair mask once a week and the two masks i'm absolutely loving right now are Ouai's Treatment Mask and Joico K-Pak Color Therapy!  I alternate these weekly and have been loving the results.  My hair combs through easily and feels silky smooth with minimal frizz after one of these masks.  Ouai's Treatment Masks come in small individual packs.  When i purchased this i worried that one pack would not suffice for my thick hair but much to my surprise it was plenty and certainly did the job! Another Ouai product i'm obsessed with that is not pictured here is the hair oil.  It works beautifully and smells uhhhhhmazing!

Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Luster Lock is a major hair powerhouse!  Wow this stuff WORKS! Simply apply a generous amount to your hair, wait 3-5 minutes and rinse.  I actually like to put this on my dry hair and pick my hair in a bun and leave it in while i run errands.  When i rinse it off my hair feels incredible!  It's especially nice on days where i want to blow out my hair (major chore for me btw) but this beauty makes it so much easier on my arms!  Really a wonderful product to invest in to keep your hair in check!

These are the products I've been recently loving!  These products will help me transition my Summer curls into Fall.  I simply use these products and air dry my hair with a hair turban.  

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Thank you so much for reading! xo, Carla - FMM

*some products were press samples and others were purchased by me.  All are tried, tested and loved.

Monday, September 19, 2016

GRWM NYFW - Pacifica Muse Round 3

I was born with a mascara wand in one hand and a fashion magazine in the other.  So naturally, one of my greatest dreams has always been to attend a show at NY Fashion Week.  Well, my dream has finally come to fruition!  Last week, i attended the Sherri Hill show in NYC and it was uhhhhmazing! I wanted to share this experience with you because i had a blast preparing for this fun event. Coincidentally, my challenge for the Top 15 Round 3 in the Pacifica Muse Contest entailed creating a full look inspired by a show at NY or Paris Fashion Week!  Since i was already preparing to attend the Sheri Hill show i figured I'd simply document the process.  So here it is...

First, i needed something special to wear.  Sheri Hill is an evening wear designer so i kept that in mind while searching. I honestly wasn't looking for a 'little black dress' at all because i initially wanted my outfit to be fun and bright.  Then i spotted this dress.... honestly, i normally wouldn't even look twice at this sort of style because i just couldn't imagine it looking good on me.  But i gave it a chance and tried it on.  I fell instantly in love and decided that this was a great choice for this show. Besides, after losing so much weight, i felt that this was a great piece to add as i slowly rebuild my wardrobe.  The lace cap sleeves were feminine and whimsical, the pleats added a bit of interest and i loved the knee length.  Most importantly, it's a very comfortable wear! As for accessories, i went with this bag and these shoes!  Oh and these earrings are my new faves!  They were both really affordable yet looked quite high end!

OK so now that i found the perfect dress, i needed to think about hair and makeup.  I actually contemplated three different hair styles.  One of the looks i created i will be posting a video tutorial on shortly.  It involves braids and is a fun look.  However, i opted to keep my hair in a low side pony tail.  I didn't want it to be overly neat for a bit of edge.  Since this was a challenge for Pacifica, i used their products to create a gorgeous smoky eye and nude lip.  You can check out the video's description for a detailed description of the products i used.

The show was dreamy.  We saw a few celebrities too!  First, Miss America, Miss Universe and Miss Teen USA all walked in the show.  Candace Cameron Bure (D from Full House) was there because her gorgeous daughter walked in the show.  I had a major fan girl moment and may have frightened her a bit haha... OK I'm exaggerating but it was pretty funny!  Ki  Zolciak from RHOA sat in front of us with her daughter.  You might spot her wig in many of my photos! Some of the USA Gold Medal Gymnasts were there as well.  Overall, it was an incredibly fun night . I'm so grateful for these amazing experiences!   have to believe that this is only the beginning...

You can watch my video entry for Round 3 of the Pacifica Muse contest here.

So the videos go live on the Pacifica Muse site today.  Please take a moment to vote for me!  It would be so dreamy to actually make it to the Top 5!  Your support is very much appreciated! You can vote here several times a day.

Thank you so much for coming along on such a fun experience!  I hope you enjoyed this post!  Xo, Carla - FMM


Friday, September 16, 2016

Mineral Fusion Lipstick Butter

If you've been searching for a comfortable lippie that is gluten free, vegan, cruelty free, artificial color free, fragrance fee, talc free and phthalate free you're going to LOVE today's post! Mineral Fusion Lipstick Butter offers a range of beautiful shades to suit your style.  They're formulated with cocoa seed butter, avocado oil, cranberry seed oil and Shea butter hydrate to keep lips conditioned, soft and supple.  This creamy formula swipes onto lips with a gloss finish and has way more stay power than i ever imagined!  Definitely worth checking out!

You can purchase these beauties here and here!  Thank you so much for reading! Xo, Carla - FMM
*press sample - all opinions are my own based on my experience with this product.