Sephora VIB Sale - Beauty Must-Haves Plus What's In My Cart!

Friday, April 17, 2020

The Sephora Sale is here and i for one always have some sort of 'wish list' ready to go for these sales!  First, i try and focus mainly on replenishing products i consistently use and love!  I will link a few previous Sephora posts that i've done because every product i've ever discussed during those posts are still very much in rotation around these parts! Before we get into that let me give you the scoop on the sale!  If you are a VIB Rouge you'll get 20% off your purchase from April 17th until May 1st.  If you're a VIB you'll get 15% off your purchase from April 21st until April 29th and if you're a Beauty Insider you'll get 10% off your purchase from April 23rd until April 27th!  These savings really add up, especially if you have multiple items on your wish list. Also note, this sale is only happening twice this year... now and then Holiday so it's now or next Winter!

See a few previous recommendations here, and here.

For this post i want to quickly chat about how to tackle this sale and how to not be reckless about it (unless you want to, i mean, you do you boo!)  Think about products you use consistently and make a list.  Categorize your list as it makes it easier to determine a budget for each category.  For instance, i swear by this line of products for my hair.  I was first introduced by my hair dresser and i have been a fan ever since.  So basically whenever Sephora has a sale, i stock up on the products from the line that i am running low on.

Now let's chat skincare!  I have a lot of what i use linked in previous posts which you can take a peek above.  BUT, Dermalogica reached out recently asking me to select some products to try.  I decided to try four products that i've been so curious about and the reviews were amazing!  So i'm currently using these and will have more information on them once i have used them long enough to fully formulate an opinion.  Either way i thought i'd share what i'm currently incorporating into my skincare routine! 

Now my favorite category... MAKEUP! Oh my gosh makeup makes me soooo happy 
and i know that if you're here and if you're a loyal FMM reader, it makes you happy as well!  Not to be repetitive but any previous makeup recommendations i've made, i still love and recommend! Most recently i have hit pan on my Natasha Denona Tan Bronze and Glow Palette and couldn't recommend it enough!  I literally wear it on my cheeks as well as my eyes... one stop shop situation all the way!  In fact, if we were able to travel, this would be the only palette i would take.  I will probably buy another one soon because it's uhhhmazing! You can catch my full review here!  Also, i cannot write a Sephora post and not mention my tried and trusted Grande Lash Serum!  I've written about here a few times but have another planned post with more specifics but if you're looking for a lash serum that WORKS, this is it!  Also, i recently purchased the Grande Lash Brow Serum and have been using it religiously so i will keep you posted soon!  But this is seriously the perfect time to stock up on this!


So now lets chat about what i currently have in my Sephora shopping cart!  Some of these items are new releases that i'm dying to try.  I'm currently well stocked on everything else so for this Sephora sale, these are the purchases that i  plan to make... of course, there's alway room for more but i'm trying hard to be good... uh so hard!!!

Everytime Natasha Denona releases a new mini palette i'm instantly drawn to the color stories.  The latest launch has been on my radar since i first laid eyes on it!  Seriously, how insanely gorgeous is this palette!  I am a sucker for a good lip balm so naturally when Summer Fridays released this one i instantly added to cart!  Hope it doesn't disappoint!  When i first spotted this Tom Ford palette in Mink Mirage on Jacey Dupree of Damsel in Distress, my jaw dropped to the ground and i had to be revived back to life... ok enough drama but it seriously blew me away!  It's what smoky eye dreams are made of... oh my gosh!  Look at it... i know, i know... and you're welcome!  When it comes to blushes, i love a good peachy pink.  So when Natasha Denona released this swoon worthy beauty, i couldn't resist! Lastly, this Nars bronzer i'm a bit on the fence about.  I mean it's absolutely stunning.  My concern is that it might be too shimmery but my gosh, could you just imagine swiping this gorgeousness on sun kissed skin?!  Perfect for that summer vacation to Puerta Backyarda (that's essentially where i'll be spending my summer this year lol).

Now on to product recommendations!  I either own the products below and LOVE them, or they're currently on my wish list!  Simply click on the product that peeks your interest and you'll be taken right to the site!  I'm curious to know what you're shopping for! Thank you so much for reading!  Xoxo, Carla - FMM


  1. It is a very smart idea to go into shopping with a list. That can definitely be really helpful and curb the habit of adding anything and everything to the cart!
    the creation of beauty is art.