BADgal Vs. They're Real Mascara

Thursday, September 6, 2012

OK I know i've been promising this post for a while, but the wait is O V E R!  For the past few weeks, Benefit's BADgal and They're Real mascara have been dooking it out at chez FMM.  You've heard me say it a million times, so here's to a million and one... i have the worlds' tiniest lashes EVAH!  No really, they're practically invisable!  How i envy all of those who've been blessed with dark, full, long lashes!  But, you have to learn to work with what you've got... and weeerrrrk i have!  I've been desperately searching for practically a miracle in a mascara.  While i already own quite a stash, i decided to try these two Benefit mascaras simply because i couldn't decide which one to purchase.  You see, several friends recommended BADgal which was great, but They're Real is suppose to help create a false lash effect and well, that kinda sold me!  How they planned to do this with my lashes was beyond me... but it was certainly worth a try.  Besides, i love shopping for makeup at Sephora because i know that if i'm not truly satisfied with a product, i can easily return it.

So lets get started!  The first one i tried was BADgal.  My first impression was great.  I thought that it gave me a nice combination of length and volume which i loved.  The formula feels slightly on the dry side which kind of makes me wonder if it'll dry too fast.  I've had it for few weeks and so far so good so perhaps there's hope!  The brush is a bit on the thick side which doesn't bother me one bit! Particularly since it narrows on the tip making it easier to access those hard to reach spots.

Next i tried They're Real.  This is a classic example of why it's so important to try products more than once before discarting them!  To be very honest, my initial thought was, uhhh whatevah!  Save yourself the extra $10, this ain't that great! I was this close to returning it! Well, that is until the second time i put it on!  I kept my eyeshadow very light allowing the mascara to do its thing.  I couldn't stop staring at my eyes!  OMG i totally saw the whole falsies effect.  Here's why!  This mascara not only lengthens and voluminizes, but it also makes your lashes very dark hence making them look as though they're well... not real!  The formula is a bit more glossy than the BADgal which i like.  You'll need to apply several coats in order to see its full effect.  I'm also fascinated by the wand. It's thinner than the BADgal wand, yet the tip is kind of spiky, making application a cinch!  Boy am i ever glad i kept this little miracle worker because i find myself reaching for it all the time!

Overall, i think these are both great mascaras and although the consistencies are quite different, they both did what they said they'd do.  And really, what else can you ask for right? 

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  1. I also have extremely short lashes! Seem like very cool products!

  2. i'm so happy you did a review on these two, carla!
    i've been wanting to try the they're real mascara.
    i think i will give them a try now....

    have a good night!


  3. That's seems really great mascara!
    Thanks for shearing!

  4. Love this post! Seems like awesome ones :)

  5. I love eye make up and i love the results that are coming from the use of a great mascara!!!
    Thanks so so much for your lovely comment on my blog.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  6. Your lashes look amazing!
    Thanks so much for sharing.

    xo, Courtney

  7. Ok lady, here I go about to spend some more money;) You can definitely see the difference in the second pic, and like you I'm part of the itty bitty lash committee, girl they're so sparse for some reason my sister and her boys got all the lashes in the family, I can live with the fact she has them but the boys come on now, what a waste;) I have to give it a try just hope it gets along with my contacts. Another great post my dear!

  8. Nice post. Did not know about that product.

  9. I definitely love They're Real better than Bad Gal. My eyes are too small for that giant want!! Haha

    <3 Jing

  10. I've only tried badgal, and have read great reviews on they're real. I've found that for my lashes, the best thing to purchase is a good lash primer.

  11. When it comes to mascara, I love Sephora, I can use only brushes that are like brushes.

  12. I´m not a mascara girl...I´d love to but I´m a lost cause... My lashes are very long and every time I try to apply mascara I make a mess of myself!!

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