Smokey Eye Tutorial using Urban Decay's Smoked Palette

Friday, August 31, 2012

Hi guys!  So a few posts ago, i shared my new Smoked Palette by Urban Decay with you.  A few of you mentioned that you would like to see a tutorial on creating a smokey eye.  I decided to put this video together to illustrate such.  I used only this palette, though i have to tell you that typically i like to mix it up and use other shadows as well.  I figured that for this video, i'd only use this UD palette.  I will show you other looks using some of my other favorite palettes in the near future.  I hope you like it!  I apologize in advance that some of the angles aren't the best, i'm still working on perfecting the video thing.  I'll get there eventually.  Let me know your thoughts!  Have you tried this UD palette yet?  Oh and Jeeda... this one's for you!  xoxo Carla

And the winner is....

CONGRATULATIONS Saraanne!!!!!  You won a Kerapure Keratin Blowout Extender!  Be sure to tell us what you think of this amazing product!!!  Include pics!  xoxo" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway

A Peek Inside My Makeup Bag

Saturday, August 25, 2012

As a beauty blogger, I often get asked what products I carry with me at all times.  Well, this is actually a tricky question as I often switch out products!  You see, my makeup bag is actually a bit on the small side and there's a good reason for this!  The bigger the bag, the more stuff I carry, making it so difficult to track anything down!  So, I try and limit myself... yes, this is limiting myself!  So without further ado, let me walk you through my current must haves!

First, here's my super cute Kate Spade makeup bag which i scored at Marshall's for an excellent price!  Woohoo don't you just love finding something you love for practically a steal??  Me too!

Ok so here are some of my lip products... from left to right:  Stila Long Wear Liquid Lip Color in Fiery  (warning, once this gorgeous color indulges your lips... it ain't going anywhere!), NARS lip gloss in Wonder (Love this pretty coral & love the texture even more!), and Bobbi Brown Creamy Color for Lips & Cheeks in Pink Truffle (It's no secret that I'm a huge Bobbi Brown fan, but what i love even more, is multi-tasking products... this one does NOT disappoint!).

Here are the swatches!  The top color is Bobbi Brown, the middle color is NARS, and the color on the bottom is Stila.  I love the range of colors stemming from a classic red, to coral-y orange, to a pretty rose, 'cause you just never know what you're gonna wanna wear!  What do you think?

Next are some of my favorite lipsticks... hey, you gotta have options!


 From left to right, Chanel Rouge Coco in 18 Rouge Noir (To quote the stunning Rachael Zoe... 'it's my day to night situation'!, MAC in Lady Danger (For when I'm feeling bold), and lastly MAC in Rocker (I snatched this pretty baby when they re-released 'candy yum yum, moxie and rocker'.  Hopefully you can too! It's a limited edition). 

I've actually already blogged about this Lip Paint in Rouge A Levres 61 that i picked up at Inglot during my vacation in Curacao.  I'm so in love with this stunning hue... i find myself reaching for it often.  I love the way it feels on my lips!  It's so silky and smooth... love!

Here's a swatch!  You can also see it here and here where I'm wearing it in the 'before' picture.

The next set of products are great for brightening up the eye area.  Very important after a long day, especially if you want to head out somewhere after work and don't have time to freshen up at home.  The first is NARS the multiple in Copacabana.  This is an awesome highlighter but is also one of those multi-tasking products i love so much because you can wear it on your eyes and lips as well.  This particular color is a bit too light for my lips, however, i have dabbed a bit in the middle of my lips over my lip color for some added dimension!  Clever huh?

This Bobbi Brown cream shadow in Bone is the perfect color for brightening the eyes.  It's matte and it doesn't crease.  I have dabbed this under my eyes when i don't have concealer at hand!  It's puuuurrrfect for this tired mommy!

OK so can we please talk about how obsessed I am with this Naturopathica eye serum?  OMG i carry it with me everywhere... did you hear me?  EVERYWHERE!  In fact, i need another one for my nightstand!  I blogged about Naturopathica (my new skincare obsession) recently, and i professed my love for this Vitamin K Brightening Eye Serum.  However, at the time, i was in love with the way it felt on my skin, not realizing the brightening effects!  The other day i applied it in front of a mirror and realized that (woohooo), i could wear this and skip my concealer all together!   I may cry when i run out... It's uhhhhh-mazing! 
Here are the swatches... from left to right:  NARS, Bobbi Brown, and Naturopathica.
OK so yes, all these beauty products are essential... however these next two items are always a MUST!  Repeat after me... I solemnly swear to always carry a nail file and a little pill box!  Yes, because have you ever been in a situation where your nail chipped and it's tugging at everything making you want to pull your hair out?  Yes, I know you have... so arm yourself ladies!  I opted for a cute Sally Hansen file.  The pretty pill box was gifted to me by a wonderful friend and I use it to house some headache medicine because... again, mommy of twins (aka twinadoes) hence... headache prevention medicine!

Here are a few other necessary products i carry with me at all times. From left to right: Melvita Eau Florale de Rose, thank you Birchbox (I splash this on my face to refresh on those scorching hot summer days... it literally saved my life on my flights to/from vacation), Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream, thank you again Birchbox (I use this on my lips, cuticles, hands, etc... great stuff), lastly, Bath & Bodyworks antibacterial soap in Fresh Lemon. I LOVE this stuff and as a mommy of 4 year old double trouble, germs just seem to find us! So I like to be armed with this great product... and did I mention it smells incredible??

Lastly, it's very important to carry around some cute hair ties and headbands, because you never know when you may need to keep your hair out of your face.  However, you still want to look super cute and not frumpy right?  I love these sleek hair ties (I don't remember the brand, but I purchased them at Target), and I'm obsessed with this sparkly headband!  Yes, i know I'm a mom and should have outgrown sparkles by now, but c'mon... can you ever really outgrow sparkly things?  I think not!  I picked it up at Bath Junkie but I've seen similar at Anthropologie!

And there you have it, my makeup bag must haves.  Soooo tell me, what's in your makeup bag?
Thank you SO MUCH for reading! 

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GIVEAWAY!!! Kerapure Keratin Blowout Extender!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sooooo did you like my post on the Kerapure Keratin Blowout Extender?  How amazing were the before/after pics!!!  Do you wish YOU could try this holy grail of beauty products?  Well, enter to win your very own Kerapure Keratin Blowout Extender!  My wonderful friends at Kerapure were generous enough to host this giveaway with me and I'm thrilled to have one very lucky winner try this amazing product!  I wish you all GOOD LUCK!  Now enter!!!  (Open to US/Canada only)." rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway

Kerapure Keratin Blowout Extender

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Listen up ladies!  Has your hair been misbehaving?  You know, frizz, swelling, difficult to manage?  Well, lucky for you, the wonderful people at Kerapure Systems have come up with a miracle worker that's sure to tame your mane in no time!  That's right, their Keratin Blowout Extender will transform your tresses from eeesh to hello gorgeous in no time!  How do i know this?  Well, if a product can stand up to MY hair, (do you know who my hair is???) then i know it rocks!  So let me begin by saying that this product arrived just in time!  I received it this past Saturday and used it immediately  since i knew that I'd be doing the Thermafuse Fahrenheit 450 Straightening treatment later in the week.  I wanted to make sure i saw the difference on my untreated hair!  The best part is, the Blowout Extender works great on hair that's been treated with Keratin!  In fact, it extends the life of Keratin treatments!  Though i should note that you don't have to have a Keratin treatment to use it! 

Here's how it works, first, you wash your hair with whatever products you love.  When finished, towel dry and comb your hair.  Spray the Keratin Blowout Extender all over your hair (warning, although this product is completely safe and non-toxic, you may want to hold your breath during this process as the fumes can get slightly intense).  Six or seven pumps should do the trick!  Leave it on for about 15 minutes to allow the product to penetrate into the hair.  Then, blow dry your hair completely.  The last step, flat iron your hair to seal in the style for days... really days!  Here's the best part!  This 'at home' treatment 'capitalizes on each use by infusing keratin deep into the hair's cuticle and then sealing the cuticle to prolong the hair style'. It's semi-permanent and has patent-pending' memory technology allowing hair to continue to improve with each use.  So you see, the more you use it, the better your hair will look and feel.  At $48 for approximately 50 blowouts, versus hundreds of dollars for a single keratin treatment... you can't afford to not get it!  So what are you waiting for... go go go and get yours today!  If you do, I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

OK this is what my hair looks like if i just air dry it and do NOTHING!  Don't laugh!

OK here are the AFTER shots!  Mah-jor difference right? 

Here's a side by side

OK now on a completely unrelated yet somehow related note... being the klutz that i am, i burned my forehead slightly using the flat iron! OUCH!  Lucky for me, i was armed with EMUAID Homeopathic First Aid Ointment!  It seriously took the sting off immediately and helped my skin heal quickly.  I figured I'd include this product in this post, in case YOU have a similar accident (which you won't, but if you do)!  In fact, it's a multi-tasking product (and we all know how much i love those) that treats bruises, burns, sunburn, blisters, bug bites, skin eruptions from acne, razor burn.  It also helps reduce redness, stinging (trust me, i learned that first hand), itching and much much more!  Have you ever tried it? 

Thank you SO MUCH for reading!  I love hearing your thoughts, so feel free to share them!  Don't forget to become an official follower of FMM!  XOXO Carla

Skinnygirl Lip Scrub

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The other day, I strolled into CVS looking for some magazines.  I was instantly greeted by Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl line of skincare.  Interestingly, i wasn't even aware that she made this.  I mean, we all know the girl can make a mean cocktail (omg have you tried her Skinnygirl Sangria?...drooling), and we also know she could entertain us for hours with her quirky sense of humor and admirable rawness, but skincare?  Well, why not!  So, after checking some of the products out, the Skinnygirl Lip Scrub stood out as a product I really wanted to try.  You see, I find that the cooler weather takes quite a toll on my lips!  As we prepare to transition from the warmer summer months to the crisp Fall air, I figured I'd arm myself with a lip scrub since i just ran out of my current stuff

I found this product to be quite good!  In fact, it not only exfoliates, but moisturizes as well.  You simply apply a small amount on your finger, place on  your lips and gently rub to scrub away all the dead skin leaving your lips looking and feeling brand new!  It's key ingredients are Mango Seed Butter; Peppermint Oil Safflower Oil; Sweet Almond Oil.  Best part you ask?  Made in the USA!  Way to go Bethenny, what else do you have up your sleeve??

You can purchase Skinnygirl Lip Scrub as well as other Skinnygirl skincare products at your local CVS.  Thank you SO MUCH for reading!  Don't forget to become an official follower of FMM!  XOXO Carla.

The Reverse French Manicure - Inspired by Deborah LIppmann

Thursday, August 16, 2012

So a few weeks ago, while flipping through the pages of August's issue of InStyle Magazine, I came across a gorgeous manicure by the brilliant Deborah Lippmann.  She created it for Badgley Mischka's Fall 2012 show.  I was instantly smitten by this stunner!  It's so feminine, sexy and sultry and best yet, it's just in time for Fall!  I've been obsessing over it ever since!  So i finally decided to give it a try!  Since i have a million nail polishes already, (remember my insane collection?? Which I've shamelessly added to since that post!!) i opted for similar shades rather than purchasing the originally used Dark Side of the Moon and NefertitiI'm head over heels in love this look!  For this post, i kept it as close to the original that graced the runways of Badgley Mischka, however, I'm having lovely visions of a midnight blue or slate blue paired with a metallic silver?  Heck, why stop there... i can use just about any combo that suits my taste buds right? You can too!  Here's how!

Begin by painting your nails in the desired color.  I opted for Deborah Lippmann's Just Walk Away ReneeOnce the polish is completely dry, apply nail stickers to the tips (i used Orly french manicure stickers). 

Once you've applied the stickers, proceed to paint the tips with your desired color.  I opted for Julep's Sienna

Please excuse the mess, but you can always clean up later right? 
Once dry, remove the strips.  Apply your favorite top coat and voila... those Badgley Mischka models ain't got nothin' on you!  Weeeerk it like the diva that you know you are!!! Grrrr

So excited that this was my 100th post! Thank you all SO MUCH for your incredible support!  Love my readers... i treasure each and every one of you!  Don't forget to become an official follower of FMM!  XOXO Carla

Urban Decay - Smoked Palette

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I'm a huge fan of Urban Decay shadows! In fact, i could not imagine a day in my life without my naked 2 palette.  I'd feel so... naked!  Well, recently i noticed some buzz about Urban Decay's Smoked Palette.  Lucky for me, i actually WON this gorgeous palette over on dBeauty Junkie blog just as i was about to make the big purchase!  Thank you Aimee for your generous giveaway! 

Well, this palette is puuuurrrrrfect for Fall because, lets face it, as the weather cools downs, who doesn't love themselves a great smokey eye?!  This palette has all the essentials to take your eyes  from blah to hot momma with just a few strokes of your shadow wand!  The shadows are highly pigmented, in typical UD fashion, so a little goes a long way.  Here are some photos and swatches:


The swatches from the top row (left to right) are as follows: Kinky, Freestyle, Mushroom, Backdoor, Blackout.

The swatches from the bottom row (left to right) are as follows: Barlust, Rockstar, Evidence, Loaded, Asphalt.

This gorgeous palette also includes 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion... and glide on it does! It's highly pigmented, meaning, you will certainly get impact with this pencil and it glides on very smoothly! You will also get a travel size Eyeshadow Primer so your gorgeous smokey eyes are sure to stay put all day long!

It doesn't end there... you'll also get the Smoked Get The Look Book, which is filled with different smokey eye looks as well as step by step instructions on how to achieve these stunning looks.


So, what are you waiting for, trot on over to Sephora, and pick up your Smoked Palette TODAY!

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Friday, August 10, 2012

So a few months ago, when i did the HBA Global Expo event for Allure magazine, i mentioned that i met with some really wonderful beauty companies.  One in particular was Naturopathica.  They are a skincare company that combines active, certified organic and anti-aging ingredients to deliver powerful results.  They so generously sent me a package of their most popular skin care products.  I've been testing every single one of them out for almost a month now.  I wanted to be sure to give you the most honest review possible.  Truthfully, I'm totally smitten by these amazing products not only because they feel wonderful on my skin, but they really appeal to my 'green' side.  Who doesn't love organic products right? So in this package, I'd say there were a few products that really stood out from the bunch which i will review for you today. 

First, lets talk about the Vitamin K Brightening Eye Serum.  When i first sampled this product, i was a bit taken aback by the texture and scent.  Lets just say i didn't love the scent necessarily, but i will tell you that the texture is amazing... did you hear me?  AMAZING!  I probably use this product about three times a day because its texture makes this eye serum so easy to manipulate and massage around the eye area.  I simply dab it in the area under my eyes and proceed to massage all the way around including the area above the eye by following the bone structure. It's honestly, a little bit of heaven.  I have sampled many many eye serums, but this one just feels different.  As for the scent, it's an acquired taste... it's light and I've since learned to like it.

The next 'must have' product is the Plant Stem Cell Serum. This tiny little powerhouse is a certified organic concentrated serum, designed to significantly slow down the aging of cells due to inflammation caused by UVA photodamage and oxidative stress.  I'll take FIVE please!  OMG i love this product!  I wear it every single day under my moisturizer and love the fact that it slows down the aging process.  I may have to dab this pretty baby on more than just my face... ahem!

OK if you're obsessed with lavender like me, you'll LOVE the Lavender Protective Moisturizer Sunscreen SPF 17.  This has been my go to daily moisturizer since it arrived and when i run out, i will replenish it!  The scent is sooooooooo wonderfully soothing and it feels light (which i love in a moisturizer this time of year) yet provides just the right amount of hydration.  A wonderful product in my book!  If your skin is a bit on the dry side, i highly recommend the Calendula Essential Hydrating Cream.  It smells incredible and is a bit heavier then the Lavender Protective Moisturizer.  I will definitely sport this pretty baby during the winter months, when my skin tends to get a bit on the dry side.  If you're in the market for a new facial scrub, check out their Oat Facial Polish for all skin types.  I like to keep it in the shower, this way I'm sure to use it daily.  After all, clean skin is imperative!


Overall, I'm so grateful to the wonderful people at Naturopathica for introducing me to such amazing products.  I will definitely do some shopping on their gorgeous site.  I already have my eyes set on the Vitamin C Revitalizing Complex as well as their Lavender Honey Balancing Mist.  So, if organic is your thing (and even if it's not at the top of your list), do yourself a favor and check out these amazing products.  Your face will thank you for it! 

Thank you SO MUCH for reading!  Don't forget to become an official follower of FMM! XOXO Carla

Beauty Bar Sample Society with Allure - August 2012

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

OK, this was hands down, by far the BEST box I've received so far!  In fact, i was on the fence about whether or not to continue my subscription, but this box made it real easy for me to decide!   Here are its contents:
  • Deborah Lippmann full size nail polish in Private Dancer.  (Yes you read that correctly, i had the same reaction!)
  • Phyto Phytonectar Oil Ultra Nourishing Oil Treatment.
  • Elemental Herbology Cool & Clear Facial Cleanser.
  • Arcona Cranberry Toner.
  • Jane Iredale Longest Lash Mascara.
  • Bonus Malin + Goetz Vitamin E Face Moisturizer
Overall, i felt that this was a very well rounded box.  I received something for my nails, hair and face!  I'm in love... OK, gotta go play with all my goodies!  Enjoy the video! 

Perricone MD No Concealer Concealer

Monday, August 6, 2012

So, we all have days where even the best of concealers just don't seem to house the power to vanish the most unrested looking eyes, correct?  I mean, as a mommy of twins, I've found myself dragging through many sleepless nights and really, the only cure is a good night sleep.  I have a favorite concealer for days like this which you can read about here.  However, most days, i don't want to wear a heavy product.  I just want good coverage that brightens the eye area without that heaviness that some of the stronger products make you feel like.  So when i came across Perricone MD's No Concealer Concealer, i was immediately intrigued.   The name alone makes you wonder?  Well, is it a concealer or not?  Well, you know I'm a huge fan of multi tasking products and this little baby is just that!  It is a treatment and concealer product that's specifically formulated for the eye area to create a naturally more rested, awakened, and brightened eye. Hello... naturally more rested all in a tiny little bundle of joy!  I need 'naturally more rested' for sure!  And if a good night sleep isn't in the cards, well i know exactly what to reach for!  Well, if this isn't enough to convince you to stroll on over to Sephora and check it out, perhaps this will!  This product is a mineral based SPF 35 (yep, you read that correctly) that conceals without irritating and can also camouflage those imperfections in targeted areas of the face.  In addition, (yes there's more), it's also a primer creating a smoother makeup application while making your makeup last longer.  It comes in one universal crease proof shade, and is packed with anti aging ingredients!  I don't care how young you are, it's all about prevention!  So run, don't walk, over to your Sephora counter and grab one of these tiny powerhouses.  Your eyes will thank you for it.  YOU'RE WELCOME!