Perricone MD No Concealer Concealer

Monday, August 6, 2012

So, we all have days where even the best of concealers just don't seem to house the power to vanish the most unrested looking eyes, correct?  I mean, as a mommy of twins, I've found myself dragging through many sleepless nights and really, the only cure is a good night sleep.  I have a favorite concealer for days like this which you can read about here.  However, most days, i don't want to wear a heavy product.  I just want good coverage that brightens the eye area without that heaviness that some of the stronger products make you feel like.  So when i came across Perricone MD's No Concealer Concealer, i was immediately intrigued.   The name alone makes you wonder?  Well, is it a concealer or not?  Well, you know I'm a huge fan of multi tasking products and this little baby is just that!  It is a treatment and concealer product that's specifically formulated for the eye area to create a naturally more rested, awakened, and brightened eye. Hello... naturally more rested all in a tiny little bundle of joy!  I need 'naturally more rested' for sure!  And if a good night sleep isn't in the cards, well i know exactly what to reach for!  Well, if this isn't enough to convince you to stroll on over to Sephora and check it out, perhaps this will!  This product is a mineral based SPF 35 (yep, you read that correctly) that conceals without irritating and can also camouflage those imperfections in targeted areas of the face.  In addition, (yes there's more), it's also a primer creating a smoother makeup application while making your makeup last longer.  It comes in one universal crease proof shade, and is packed with anti aging ingredients!  I don't care how young you are, it's all about prevention!  So run, don't walk, over to your Sephora counter and grab one of these tiny powerhouses.  Your eyes will thank you for it.  YOU'RE WELCOME!


  1. Love this! I have definitely had moments where I needed something like this. Thanks for the ti!

  2. I am definitely going to check this out once my all about eyes concealer from clinique runs out. It sounds like it works wonders...

  3. I'm always on the lookout for a good concealer- thanks for this review! :D

    Cindy C.

  4. thats a nice review,will check out and see if its available on e bay

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  6. Very inspirational. Lovely post , following u, hope you'll do the same

  7. Heck being the aunt of twins will leave you looking unrested as little terrors were over yesterday and they are a handful so I definitely feel where ya coming! Another product I have put in my reminder to check out...thanks again!

  8. Great review! I'll be checking this out!

  9. If it really is as good as tell I have to try soon...