Skinnygirl Lip Scrub

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The other day, I strolled into CVS looking for some magazines.  I was instantly greeted by Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl line of skincare.  Interestingly, i wasn't even aware that she made this.  I mean, we all know the girl can make a mean cocktail (omg have you tried her Skinnygirl Sangria?...drooling), and we also know she could entertain us for hours with her quirky sense of humor and admirable rawness, but skincare?  Well, why not!  So, after checking some of the products out, the Skinnygirl Lip Scrub stood out as a product I really wanted to try.  You see, I find that the cooler weather takes quite a toll on my lips!  As we prepare to transition from the warmer summer months to the crisp Fall air, I figured I'd arm myself with a lip scrub since i just ran out of my current stuff

I found this product to be quite good!  In fact, it not only exfoliates, but moisturizes as well.  You simply apply a small amount on your finger, place on  your lips and gently rub to scrub away all the dead skin leaving your lips looking and feeling brand new!  It's key ingredients are Mango Seed Butter; Peppermint Oil Safflower Oil; Sweet Almond Oil.  Best part you ask?  Made in the USA!  Way to go Bethenny, what else do you have up your sleeve??

You can purchase Skinnygirl Lip Scrub as well as other Skinnygirl skincare products at your local CVS.  Thank you SO MUCH for reading!  Don't forget to become an official follower of FMM!  XOXO Carla.


  1. I´ve never tried this product before, but it seems really good one! Lovely review!
    xx chris

  2. o i try to find scrub and now i know what i will buy!!!thx for post

  3. ok, lets go and shop, i have many options on

  4. Well I've learnt something new for the day! I had no idea she ventured out into skincare and surprised by your review too, for some reason I always expect 'celebrity' products to be epic fails!

    Have a lovely day!

  5. that seems to be nice,i think i know just the right place to get it !

  6. Looks like a very cool product and my lips def need it after this harsh south african winter! ;)

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