Fashion Maven Olivia

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So the other day, I blogged about Incoco's nail polish appliqués. A few days later, while strolling up and down the isles of Target, I came across Sally Hansen's version of these appliqués called Salon Effects. I picked out a couple of interesting patterns because I was curious to see how they compared with Incoco's appliqués. When I got home, I quickly applied 'Mad for Plaid' (the pattern I'd picked out). I immediately noticed the texture felt lighter. I applied this print solely on my ring finger nail. For the rest of my nails I opted for a bright pink color to play up the pinks in this pattern. Overall, it's a fun pattern, but I'm not so sure about wearing it on all my nails. It didn't last as long as Incoco's appliqués but worked well for a couple of days. However, it dawned on me... This is PERFECT for my twin girlie girls! Think about it, it's easy to apply and NO DRYING TIME!!! So I decided to give Mia and Olivia a little 'nail polish applique' manicure and loved how sweet it looked on their itty bitty nails! I snapped this picture of Olivia's nails while playing at the park on Saturday! What do you think?