Incoco Nail Polish Applique

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The other day at the gym, my friend had a super fun manicure.  When i asked her about it, she told me her polish was actually a nail polish applique.   Our gym is at our nearby mall so after our workout, we took a stroll to the Incoco kiosk which was conveniently just a few steps away.  (There is also a website  I was floored at the endless possibilities of this 'nail polish'.  I mean, I'm a very busy mommy who loves to play with nail polish.  Problem is, the only time i really have to do my nails is when the girls go to bed.  However, they always make their way to my room as I'm drying my nails!  This new polish involves zero drying time!  Basically, these are nail polish appliques, made with real nail polish.  They come in a wide array of colors ranging from solids to super fun prints.  They even have french manicure strips!  I found a print i really liked and decided to try it.  I don't typically do these kinds of prints, but i really didn't want to go with a solid color.  So here is the tutorial. 

First step:  You must remove your nail polish.  Even if you are not wearing polish, you must dip your nails in nail polish remover.  This ensures that all oils, lotions and soaps are completely washed out of your nails.

Second step:  Find the right size strip for the nail you've selected.  Removed clear backing off of the nail strip.

Third step:  Remove the second strip (there's one on each side). 


Fourth step:  Apply strip close to the cuticle of your nail.  Make sure your cuticles are pushed back.

Fifth step:  Simply bend the access strip down and snap it off.

Sixth step:  File the nail and you are done!  No drying time!

Here are a few pretty pictures of the outcome!  I honestly loved it!  Also, the sales lady gave me a couple of samples of the 24K glitter color which i've used on my ring finger.  I polished the rest of my nails in a teal color and i love the contrast of the two.  These strips can last quite a while!

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  1. wow, ya those looks really nice! thanks for the comment!! btw, love your rose-gold watch!