Beauty Protector

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Beauty Protector

I take my hair care very seriously!  So when i come across a few good gems, i simply have to tell my BFFs (you guys of course) all about them! Beauty Protector is a brand i learned about initially through my Birchbox subscription. In fact, i reviewed the Protect & Oil last year and have to say that it's still a favorite of mine!  Aside from the fact that it smells uhhhhhmazing... this beauty does one thing (OK many things) right! First, and quite possibly most important is its UV rays and heat protection.  Listen, it's bad enough the torture my poor locks have endured through chemical processing, but if i can do anything to protect them from further damage, i know my sweet friend Protect & Oil never fails me! Oh and a few drops of this beauty and my hair is silky, shiny and smooth... major bonus right?  Want to read my full review?  Check it out here!

When it comes to my hair products, this busy mommy counts on functionality... and of course, a little multi-tasking action never hurt anyone did it? Well, I've recently began using Beauty Protector's Protect and Detangle for a multitude of reasons.  First, I'm totally embracing my natural wavy/curly hair.  As you can imagine, wavy, curly also means tangle city but this baby has helped me bid farewell to those tangle disasters.  A few spritzes of Protect and Detangle and my hair cuticles are sealed and i can comb easily without any pulling or tugging.  In addition to moisturizing my hair and keeping it tangle free, this baby has a multitude of functions that I'm loving right now.  Did you know that this product protects your hair from styling tools?  Do you know how much i love my NuMe Pearl Curling Wand?????  My locks were thrilled to have Protect and Detangle as their fierce new super "hairo"... ahhhh see what i did there?  Super hero... super hairo!!!  OK Carla settle down!   But really, i think that is major for anyone who loves their styling tools.  Another plus is that  when you spray this product on your hair, you can rest assured that they're protected from the sun's harmful rays just like Protect & Oil.  Oh and if you're worried, rest assured that this beauty is 100% vegan, sulfate and paraben free!

Weekly hair masks have become a natural staple at chez FMM for years now!  My hair needs all the hydration it can get so I'm always on the lookout for a great mask! Well my search is over because Beauty Protector's Protect &Treat has left my hair feeling so so sooo smooth and shiny!  But there's actually a way better reason for using this major hair powerhouse... its anti-aging properties!  Oh yes, you read correctly!  You treat your skin to the very best right?  Why not do the same for your hair?!  You see, this mask is loaded with antioxidants to rejuvenate and protect your strands.  Argan oil, honey, amber, and crushed pearls revive strands and preserve their youthful texture and shine.  This mask works on all hair types and won't weigh your hair down.  While it has benefits galore, i can assure you that you that when you open this jar and sniff this beauty up, you'll instinctively want to reach for a spoon!  Seriously, if i could eat it i would... smells soooo yummies!  But seriously... control yourself!  This beauty is great but certainly not edible!

You can purchase these beauty through Birchbox! Thank you so much for reading! Xo, Carla - FMM

*press sample - all opinions are my own.


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