Audrey Hepburn Inspired Ponytail and James Dean Inspired Look By ECRU New York

Friday, May 1, 2015

Aubrey Hepburn” inspired Ponytail

1) Section a 2 inch fringe at the front and part that out of the
way to incorporate later.

2) Then take the rest of the hair and make a high ponytail
at the crown of the head. Smooth the sides and back using
Sunlight Styling Spray.

3) Now take the front from step 1 and sweep it over to one
side and connect it to the ponytail securing it with another
hair tie. The sweep of the fringe should be kept high to give
a short fringe look exposing the eyebrows. Use Sunlight
Styling Spray to help control the direction of the sweep.

4) Curl the ponytail; spray Sunlight Finishing Spray MAX
onto small enough sections that fit into a 1 inch diameter
curling iron.

5 Take a small piece from the ponytail (1cm diameter).
Saturate that piece using Sunlight Holding Spray and wrap
that piece around the hair tie, covering the hair tie. Take a
curling iron and rest the barrel of the iron on the wrapped
piece, going all the way around to help meld the wrapped
hair to the ponytail.

5) Pump 1-2 drops of Silk Nectar Serum into your hands and
lightly break apart the curls in the ponytail. Brush curls into
a soft wave.

6) For a good hold, spray the look with Sunlight Finishing
Spray MAX.

Get the
By ECRU New York

1.) Part off the sides and slick tight with
Sunlight Finishing Spray MAX.

2.) Apply Volumizing Silk Mist to remaining hair.

3.) Blow dry up and back creating a pompadour.

4.)Spray with Sunlight Styling Spray.

Thank you so much for reading! Xoxo, Carla - FMM