Favorite Hair Clips

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Favorite Hair Clips
I'm obsessed with hair clips!  They seriously save many of my 'bad hair day' problems!  When i grew out my bangs, some of these were my BFFs for real! While many may think that hair clips/pins are just for little girls, I'm here to tell you otherwise!  There are many 'big girl' versions that are elegant, fun, and just plain gorgeous.  Oh and can i just say that I've been obsessed with this photo of Katherine McPhee rocking an array of colored bobby pins from a couple of years back?  See!!!  Totally doable right?  Check out my faves!

1. Achieve Katherine McPhee's stylish look with these stunners!  PS i love the color combo!
2. I'm obsessed with this beauty.  It's just soooo romantic and perfect!
3. I mean, who wouldn't want these starry beauties gracing their locks?!
4. If i told you the number of times i've admired these at Anthropologie... i think it's time i make them mine!  Seriously!
5. I adore these! I've had them for a while and wear them often!
6. I think everyone needs these multi-colored bobby pins! They're so fun and practical!
7. Ahhh shooting stars....

So which is your fave?! Thank you so much for reading! Xo, Carla - FMM