Be My Valentine!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Be My Valentine!

Ahhhh Valentine's Day!  While i was never a huge fan of this particular holiday, my perspective changed once my little girls were born.  Having them in my life made me want to celebrate the heck out of this day!  But you know, it's not all about them!  Here are a few things this mommy is absolutely loving right now!  

Too Faced Sweetheart Perfect Flush Blush - OK while at Sephora the other day, i absolutely fell in love with this stunner!  Aside from the fact that it's heart shaped and adorable, these lovely shimmery shades will brighten your complexion and give you that 'just made out with a super cute guy' flushed look instantly!  I have seriously found my new favorite blush!  I'm currently sporting it in Peach Beach! 

When i spotted this Picnic for Two basket at Anthropologie my heart skipped a beat!  Gosh it's been years since my hubby and i have gone on a picnic!  Wait, did i just say gosh?!  I'm getting old! Ok focus Carla... Sometimes, it's the simple things that fill heart.  I may have to pick this up and plan a little picnic for us... now if only this dang snow would finally go away!  Can you tell i've had enough?  We are snowed in again!  Ok enough ranting... 

Valentines' Days is synonymous with pink right?  Well, i think i've found the perfect pink to dazzle your manis and pouts this V Day! Check out this spectacular Bobbi Brown 'Uber Pinks' polish in pink peony!  This shade will turn heads!  Perhaps i'm a bit partial to the name as peonies are my absolute favorite flowers!  If you're looking for the perfect compliment to your pretty pink mani, consider this stunning Jouer Lip Gloss in Malibu... or if  you want to be real matchy matchy, they also make a pretty little pink in "peony"! These glosses add just the right amount of color while keeping your pretty pout hydrated and looking its best!  I absolutely adore them!

One might say i have a slight obsession with Alex and Ani bracelets!  I can't help myself... they're just so addicting! I swear, the bigger the stash the better the arm candy!  I hope my sweetie surprises me with this pretty little number... but if not, i'll get it for myself!  Why not right?! 

Everybody loves a sweet love note!  With all this new technology, emails, text messages etc... love notes have become a thing of the past.  But this old fashioned girl still loves a great hand written love note... this card completely stole my heart!  

Whatever you decide... i hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!  If you don't have a valentine... consider making today all about you!  We all need a little pampering... why not pamper your pretty little self!  Happy Valentine's Day lovies! xoxo Carla

Oh wait... there's MORE!  Read up...

If you follow me on Instagram, then you've already seen this but it's that time of year again!  Allure Magazine is holding their annual Beauty Blogger of the Year Awards!  I encourage you all to enter.  I had the most amazing experience as a finalist last year and can honestly tell you that's it's been a life changing experience! I'm so grateful to Allure for giving me such an incredible opportunity and seeing something special in my blog.  For all of you that think... 'they'll never pick me' ENTER... you never know!  Pssst... i was one of those who thought they'd never pick me... but they did!  Good luck everyone!  Can't wait to cheer the finalists on! 


  1. Great post! OMG YOU LIKE THAT BLUSH TOO hahahahaha

    Alex and Ani bracelets are so pretty. I don't have any, but we have gotten a bunch for my mother for her birthday and christmas. She loves them! They are really gorgeous and I love the meaning behind most of them!

    1. Haha... yes we have a mutual love for this gorgeous blush! I think you may need to add a couple of these pretty bracelets to your collection Niki... they're so fun! xoxo

  2. Love this congrats on being a finalist last year!

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