Resurf.a.stic One Step Microdermabrasion

Monday, June 17, 2013

These days, it seems we are all searching for the fountain of youth!  Sure, we all want gorgeous skin but all things come with a price!  For some, gorgeous skin means going under the knife.  For others, it simply means getting your hands on a few great products or expensive treatments to help keep your skin young and beautiful!  All of this however, seems like so much work!  Think about it... surgery means, recovery time, a hefty price and the uncertainty that you may wake up looking like MJ! However, with so many products on the market, you can easily become overwhelmed.  Besides, chances are, you'll need a whole army of things to get your skin looking it's best!  But, reality check!  I don't know about you, but i don't have a whole lot of time to include 20 different products into my skincare routine!  In fact, i think every other post I've ever written has had the words 'multi-tasking' in it!  Yep, if it's multi-tasking, then it's for meeee!  Speaking of such, let me introduce you to an uhhhh-mazeballs dot com product I've recently discovered!  Resurf.a.stic is the world's first microdermHYDRATION stick!  This pretty little stick houses a flat out miracle for your skin!  From the very first time I used this product, I immediately noticed a difference in my skin.  First, my skin felt soft and hydrated.  I noticed also that my moisturizer absorbed so much quicker after using Resurf.a.stic!  Which poses the question, why spend hundreds of dollars on microdermabrasion treatments when you can use this little power house in the comfort of your own home!  Ahhh with all that extra cash lying around, you can easily go all Carrie and splurge on that fabulous pair of Manolos!  Actually, Resurf.a.stic is more then just a microdermabrasion treatment!  It cleanses and hydrates your skin!  As with all of my cleansers and exfoliators, I keep my Resurf.a.stic in the shower for easy and quick access.  It gently removes dead skin cells so your face gets the full benefits of your moisturizing and nourishing products.  Think about it, you spent your hard earned money on your moisturizers and serums but what good are they if you are not properly cleansing your skin.  This product will actually allow your entire skincare to work well... better!  In addition, you'll enjoy the diminished appearance of fine lines, rough spots, small scars and wrinkles.  It will soften your skin and promote natural cell exfoliation.  It boosts clarity by polishing away dullness.  In addition, it deep cleans pores and reduces discoloration, uneven patches, oily patches, bumps and sun damage, thereby promoting collagen!  There is no pain or irritation involved... and the best part?   Results are instant!  Just stroke this product all over your face and rinse!  That's it!  Easy as pie!  When you finish, you'll notice your skin feels clean and hydrated.  I also LOVE that it's so portable!  You'll be able to take this baby just about anywhere!

So lets chat!  Have you Resurf.a.stic?  What are your thoughts?

Thank you SO MUCH for reading! XOXO Carla - FMM
*Product was sent for consideration.  All opinions are mine based on my own personal experience with this product.  This is not a sponsored post.  


  1. sounds good! i don't know these products :/

    1. Hi Jennie, this was my first experience with this product but it's certainly a gem!

  2. Wow, this 'thing' looks amazing! I definitely need to get my hands on one.

  3. Aw thanks gorgeous! YES get it! xo

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