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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

So little by little, I've been introducing you to some wonderful 'all natural' options for makeup and skincare!  Detox Skin Intervention offers a wide variety of products to pamper your skin without the use of harsh ingredients! Best yet, they won't break the bank!

OK so you all know that I'm a lip balm girl!  I have a huge collection and have tested hundreds of these babies! Every once in a while, i find a gem!  Such was the case when Detox Skin Intervention Lip Therapy touched my lips!  I immediately liked its creamy smooth texture.  My lips somehow felt protected and hydrated.  This Lip Therapy is formulated with organic beeswax, almond oil (beware if you have an allergy), grape seed oil, vitamin E, aloe, organic honey and dead sea salt to help repair your lips!  Isn't it nice when you can actually pronounce every ingredient in a product?
I keep this gem on my nightstand and apply it every night before bed.  My lips feel so smooth and nourished when i wake up in the morning.  I really noticed a difference using this product versus some other natural lip therapies that I've tried in the past!

Dead Sea Salt Mineral Moisturizing Lotion is enriched with salt from the dead sea to lock in moisture.  It's formulated without any chemicals or fragrances which can irritate your skin!  I love that you can use it anywhere on the body... face included!  Best part?  It helps reduce fine lines, improves elasticity, treats acne, eczema and psoriasis while locking in moisture keeping your skin looking smooth and hydrated!  This lotion absorbs rather quickly and feels wonderful on the skin!  I love that it's fragrance free because i have the world's most sensitive eyes... but with this lotion, my eyes need not worry!

Lets chat about eyes!  I love testing out eye products!  I have so many issues with my eyes... they're sensitive yes, but the bags and dark circles make it a challenge for any product!  Detox Skin Intervention's Eye Revive passed with flying colors!  Eye Revive is formulated with essential oils and salt from the dead sea to help reduce puffiness under the eyes and smooth out fine lines.  This product felt soothing on my tired eyes, it never once caused me to tear up (thumbs up for that!) and definitely helped minimize puffiness.  I especially love that it smooths fine lines too because... lets face it, I'm at a gulp critical age and need to take care of such things!

So lets chat!  Have you tried DETOX Skin Intervention?  What are your thoughts?

Thank you SO MUCH for reading! XOXO Carla - FMM

* Products sent for consideration.  All opinions are mine based on my experience with these products.  This is not a sponsored post!  


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    1. Aw you are very welcome! I LOVE these products! Great quality! xo

    2. Sorry I had to delete my thank you post because I spelled "such" wrong. UGH sometimes my fingers are just too fast. But again, thank you for the wonderful review and beautiful display of our products!

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  3. Oh this sounds SO great! I am always trying out eye products too - still searching for the right one.

  4. i love this post! gotta try that brand =)


  5. Thanks for the super post! I definitely want to try these now!! I'm very picky about what goes on my skin, this sounds great! :)