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Thursday, May 2, 2013

If you've kept up with my blog, you may remember how this past Summer, Allure's Beauty Enthusiast team selected me, along with four other ladies, to represent them at the HBA Global Expo in NYC.  This was a super fun event where myself and the other ladies engaged in a beauty chat with beauty gurus to learn more about the consumer's wants and needs!   Hmmm chat about beauty on behalf of my beauty bible... that's not a total dream come true or anything right?  It was a total O M G moment for sure!  As a thank-you, Allure sent me a beautiful care package filled with all kinds of beauty treats!  Among these treats was perhaps one of my favorite items in the pack... Rodan + Fields Night Renewing Serum!  I remember using these capsules nightly and loving the way my skin felt!  I loved it so much in fact, that i shared some with my mom whom in turn loved them even more and therefore snatched them from me!  How could i say no to my mommy right?  So that was that...

Fast forward to a few of weeks ago when the lovely people over at Rodan + Fields contacted me to try some of their products.  I immediately remembered how much i loved their Night Renewing Serum capsules and happily agreed to sampling some more of Rodan + Fields goodies!  Sure enough, i was in for a real treat!  While i liked all the products i received, there were a few i fell in love with immediately which I'll highlight for you today!  Lets go back to the Redefine Night Renewing Serum Capsules.  Sampling these again quickly reminded me of why i fell in love with them in the first place.  First, i like that they're a serum and not a cream.  They're much lighter in texture and my skin feels even and smooth upon application.  In the morning, i notice my skin feels hydrated, soft and ready to face the day!

Another product i fell instantly in love with is the Redefine Lip Renewing Serum!  Seriously, my devoted readers know that I'm a lip balm girl!  I love keeping my lips smooth and hydrated at all times!  There is no worse feeling then that of dry, flaky and achy lips!  Yuck!  Well, each peptide and antioxidant-rich Reverse Lip Renewing Capsule is all you need to keep your lips feeling their best!  Simply apply before bed and see just how uhhhh-mazing your pout feel in the morning!

For a while now, I've been in the market for a good toner.  The Reverse Skin Lightening Toner is the perfect vehicle for reviving dull, blotchy and discolored skin.  A few swipes of this stuff, and your skin will thank you over and over again!  This toner is a perfect new addition to my skincare routine!

So lets chat!  Have you tried any Rodan + Fields product?  Tell me about your experience!  For those of you who are new to the brand, which of these appeal to you most?

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  1. These products are AWESOME!!!!! Rodan + Fields is what I use and I have to say ever since I've been using these products my skin as never looked this good. I'm an independent consultant for R+F. If you'd like more information on these products or our business email me @ or check out my websites

  2. you are so awesome! i need to get into better beauty schedule!