Kerastase Architecte

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I spare no expense when it comes to taming my mane! God knows how much abuse my hair has taken over the course of the last few years.  However, when i finally splurged on the Thermafuse Fahrenheit 450 Straightening Treatment, i decided it was time to take really REALLY good care of my locks!  I began using ammonia free hair dye, as well as using the best hair products i could get my hands on to maintain my hair soft, shiny and just plain beautiful.  One thing i could never get out of my head during a conversation with my wonderful hair stylist... she highly recommended Kerastase hair products insisting they were the "Bentley" of hair products!  Well, hullo??? Did she say Bentley? Clearly i was sold!  I mean, it's not looking like I'll be driving one any time soon!  So, since i can't have the real thing, I'll settle for the next best thing!  Well, a dear friend who knows how much I've been dying to try Kerastase products, kindly gifted me with the Kerastase Architecte Renovating Dual Serum which caters to extremely damaged hair and split ends.  It was love at first dab!  Honestly, after applying a few squirts of this baby on my damp hair, it immediately felt so so SOOOOO soft and extremely manageable.  Since my hair is very thick, dry and difficult to manage, i can immediately tell if a product works for me. This one certainly did not disappoint!  I could run a comb through it without feeling any pulling or tugs.  All i can think of now is how much i really REEEEEALLY want to try their entire product line!  OMG if it's anything like this one product, then I'm a fan for life! 

Here's a side note that i thought I'd share with you as well... When i first placed a dab of this serum on my hands, i was immediately drawn to its amazing fragrance.  Not only because it's delicious, but because it was somewhat nostalgic for me.  It has this very subtle mango scent that takes me back to several years ago.  My late grandma and I walked into Victoria's Secret, and they'd launched a line of Summer scents, one of which was Mango.  Grandma and I practically drooled over this scent and quickly stocked up before the line was completely sold out.  We wore it just about every day that Summer!  I was so sad when they discontinued that lovely scent.  Sadly, grandma is no longer with us... it will be a year this June.  I must say, using this product brought back a wonderful memory i have of my grandma.  It's amazing how life sometimes brings us these unexpected surprises.  Go figure... I will think of her every time i use it, and that... makes me smile!
You can purchase Kerastase hair products via it's own website as well as

I lovingly dedicate this post to my Avo Manuela up in Heaven... wherever you are, I'll always love you!

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Freeze 24-7

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

You know, I'd like to think I'll be young forever!  However, lately, i find myself searching for beauty products with anti-aging ingredients because it's about that time to start paying closer attention to these things (yikes).  So i recently came across a skin care line that i fell madly in love with!  So much so, i had to share it with you as well!  The line is by Freeze 24-7 and the products make your skin feel like  a million buck! I came across this wonderful line while reading my monthly beauty bible Allure!   I've added the IceCrystals Anti-Aging Prep and Polish exfoliator, the IceCream Double Scoop Intensive Anti-Aging Moisturizer, and the Eyecing Fatigue Fighting Eye Cream to my daily beauty routine.  Don't they all sound deliciously divine already?  Well, they are!  Let me start by telling you a little about each! 

The first product i tried was the IceCrystals Anti-Aging Prep and Polish skin exfoliator.  I like to keep it in the shower for convenience purposes.  This product is a powerhouse when it comes to resurfacing and retexturizing your skin!  I mean, you feel it instantly!  And hey, I'm all about instant gratification!  The tiny crystals give you an instant cooling effect making this product almost essential in the morning!  It really wakes your skin right up!  Once you wash it off, your skin feel soooo soft!  In fact, i find myself rinsing and rinsing thinking perhaps I'm mistaking the softness for soap residuals (this never fails).  It really is that amazing!  I will say this, if you consider any of the products I'm mentioning in this post and can only purchase one, this should absolutely, positively be it!  Here are some clinical studies posted on their website:

Clinical Studies Show (28 days):
  • 55% reduction of age spots
  • 35% reduction of scar intensity
  • 41% reduction in surface roughness
  • 37% reduction in sebum content


    The IceCream Double Scoop Intensive Anti-Aging Moisturizer is a mouth full of powerful anti aging goodness not to mention delicious sounding!  A little dab of this miracle cream goes a long way!  My skin feels tight and soft and super hydrated!  Here are some product details as posted on their website:
    • A powerful moisturizing complex that hydrates, nourishes firms and tones the skin
    • Works with all Freeze 24-7® products to enhance their performance, while also functioning as a powerful, luxurious stand-alone intensive moisturizing treatment
    • Diminishes expression line formations while shielding the skin from oxidative stress and UVA/UVB rays
    • Skin looks supple, vibrant and healthy - noticeably radiant and smooth
    • Reduces the appearance of facial expression lines and other common signs of aging
    • Fights free radical damage and oxidative stress with L-Carnosine & Green Tea Extract
    • Not tested on animals and contains no animal by-products.
    • Dermatologist Tested
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Non-Sensitizing
    • Allergy Tested
    • Clinically Tested
    • Non-irritating

    Lastly, the Eyecing Fatigue Fighting Eye Cream finishes off my beauty routine.  This eye cream is just what the doctor ordered for my tired, puffy eyes!  One dab of this baby, and your eyes will be begging you for more!  The cooling effect really helps perk you right up!  Now if only i could dab that on the rest of my body... I wonder if It would have the same effect as a nice cup of coffee lol.  Here are just some of the wonderful benefits of this product per their website:

    The Complex: Prevent & Treat


    • Peptide 171 dramatically improves skin tone and clarity; helping to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.
    • Mala’kite provides dual-action protection through direct cell detoxification and regeneration of the cell’s natural defense system.

    • Dermaxyl vigorously fights fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating cell turnover and repair.
    • Kombuchka has a unique anti-glycation effect that improves the integrity of collagen and elastin in the skin, while brightening under eyes and combating crow’s feet.

    So there you have it, my current skin care routine!  Yes, the products are a bit pricey, but when you factor in what plastic surgery costs these days, I'm thinking this is just pocket change... no?  Or better yet, an investment towards achieving the fountain of youth! You can purchase these lovely products at Nordstom, or visit the company website at

    OK, OK, one more photo... i just couldn't leave this off! 

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    Hey, Sailor!

    Friday, May 25, 2012

    All aboard!  Set sail this season' with MAC's new collection 'Hey Sailor'... a collection of gorgeous colors inspired by vintage pin-up girls.  The line became available in stores Thursday, May 24th and of course that very day, i graced my local Nordstrom's MAC counter anxious to see the collection in person!  It did not disappoint!  If you are a sucker for great packaging like me, you're senses will tumble overboard with all the nautical navy and white stripes!  I must admit, i had my eye on this one lip liner in Shore Leave that just looked so stunning online when i first previewed it.  I quickly asked one of the MAC artists behind the counter to assist me in trying on this lip liner.  I was a bit worried that the color was too light for my lips.  The color stunned in this pale pinkish coral tone.  I had envisioned it paired with a sheer lip tint.  Unfortunately, i worried that it was indeed to light for me and opted to pass on that particular shade.  I'm still kind of sad about it.  I'm wondering if i can still make it work somehow, but for now, i left it behind.  The bronzers were a perfect complement to this collection.  There  was also a wonderfully bright red nail color in Touch of Red that was perfect for channeling your inner pin-up girl and flaunting your pretty manicured nails while sailing through the town.  I highly recommend you try it!  I wound up picking up a gorgeous lipglass in Rivera Life which is basically a bright reddish orange which i love for this season!  I also snatched a great shadow in Barefoot consisting of a gorgeous gold with olive undertones.  It's the purrrrrfect shadow if you're looking for a little shimmer on your eyes!  Pair it with a few swipes of bronzer, dab some lipglass or suntint (with SPF 20 mind you) on your pretty pout, oh and don't forget the fabulous red nails, and I'd say you're ready for a cruise around Manhattan... or better yet, you're ready to set sail around the French Riviera!  Oui Oui!  So run, don't walk to your local MAC counter and check out this line before it's gone... after all, it a limited edition!  As the saying goes, all good things come to an end!  Au Revoir!


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    DIY Knotted Hair Ties & Headbands

    Wednesday, May 23, 2012


    I've noticed these cute, colorful knotted hair ties everywhere lately.  I've come across them in magazines, people's Birch Boxes, etc.  This past weekend, i visited one of my favorite stores Anthropologie, and fell completely in love with their knotted hair tie/headband selection! The color combinations where dreamy and some of them even sparkled!  I purchased a pack of neutral toned hair ties and drooled over the gorgeous selection of embellished hair ties.  They were essentially the same hair ties as i was purchasing in a pack of 5 for $12, however, these were sold individually for $10 simply because they had a pretty sparkly bead.  That's when i light bulb went off in my head (don't you just love it when that happens?), i makes these myself!  In fact, the next day, while strolling the isles of Target, i found a pack of 3 for $2.50!!!  Score!  I quickly purchased a few packs in a variety of colors.  Right next to these hair ties were knotted headbands (there went the light bulb again!)... i mean, why embellish solely the hair ties when i could embellish the headbands as well!  YES, perfect!  Ok so i purchased a few headbands as well.  After that, i visited my local Michael's and AC Moore stores (making sure to take advantage of their coupon offers) for a selection of the prettiest beads i could find and i quickly went to work!  I am so so SO pleased with they way they turned out!  In fact, i ordered these hair ties in bulk and may consider a tiny little side business on ETSY??  What do you think???  I took a lot of pictures so enjoy!  Oh and here's some food for thought for all you pony tail wearers, you know how you often carry around your pony tail holder on your wrist?  Well, how cute would these embellished hair ties look instead?  You can actually wear them as a bracelet!!!  I took a picture with my phone to illustrate that look.

    These are the inspiration hair ties...

    These were some of the colors available to purchase of the non-embellished hair ties. 
    These were the neutral pack i bought.

    Here are the headbands, also non-embellished.


    So first, here are a few pictures of my bead selection... aren't they pretty?

    Below are the hair bands i used for this DIY as well as the neutral one shown in one of the pictures above.  The ones below were purchased from Target 2 for $5.  The neutral pack was purchased at Anthrolopogie for $12.

    OK so start with one knotted hair tie.

    Undo the knot...


    Insert bead/beads of choice.  Make sure the bead has a wide hole or it will make this entire process much more difficult!


    Tie the knot and VOILA!

    Here are a few of my other creations!

    Here are the embellished headbands... 

    These next three pictures are of me wearing one of the hair ties, headband and finally the headband as a bracelet.  Sorry for the poor quality but i took them myself using my iPhone and i think the 'hair' shots were taken too closely but hopefully you'll get an idea of what it looks like on.


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    Allure goodies

    Monday, May 21, 2012

    Well, this is the final week in Allure's Beauty Blogger of the Year Awards.  I haven't really posted many of the details involved in completing the challenges.  The main reason for this is that some of the challenges i submitted may still be used in Allure, therefore i don't want to do anything that would hinder any chances of that happening.  I will however, show you the goodies i received in order to complete in challenge #5 which is currently up at  This challenge involved filming a video using the Revlon products that were sent to us.  My video's theme was to recreate the look of one of my favorite artists Adele using some of the Revlon products (Revlon is sponsoring this contest btw).  I created her signature warm toned smokey, sultry eye paired with nude lips.  Overall i loved how my video turned out considering there was no editing involved.  I'm still learning how to edit in hopes of creating many more videos to post on here.  I feel that they are an essential tool for bloggers to illustrate their thoughts.  I wish i could post my video submission here, however, we received an email from Allure letting us know that they essentially own rights to our videos so we cannot post them on our blogs.  Hey, maybe they'll post it on their website eventually... if that happens, you'll be the first to know!  Soooo you can imagine the excitement i felt when this beautiful box arrived at my doorstep.  I remember screaming so loud that i'm sure even the neighbors heard!   Heck, i may have even done the happy dance... yep i think i did!  Inside were 70 brand new Revlon products, as well as a Sony Bloggie Touch digital video camera so generously sent by Allure to meeeee!  I wanted to shout it through the rooftop, post on facebook, tweet, share on pinterest, email the world, blog,  you name it.  However, all the contestants signed an affidavit ensuring we did not discuss this with anyone until a certain date.  So These lovely (well, not so lovely because they were taken with my old iPhone but hey, it's something right?) pictures have been tucked away in my laptop somewhere until today.  I am so happy to finally share them with YOU!!  I feel that since this particular challenge is now up, it's OK to show you the wonderfully generous things that were sent from these incredible beauty authorities.   So here's a question, if you received these products and were challenged to create a video using them, what would you theme your video?   I'd love to hear your thoughts? 


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    Blue is the hue...

    Saturday, May 19, 2012

    This week, while shopping at Target, i came across two shades of blue polish that really spoke to me.  In fact, i had such a hard time deciding which to purchase, that i decided to get both!  That's how i problem solve... not always the most efficient but certainly makes this indecisive person's job a lot easier!  I knew immediately when i placed them next to one other, that these two tones complemented each other perfectly.  One was 'club prive 105 by L'OREAL, and the other was 'Fairy Princess 26' by Sonia Kashuk.  That night, after putting the girls to bed (this is my manicure time), i opted to create a pattern with my two new polishes.  When finished, i added my favorite sparkle polish which you've seen me use a thousand times because i love it that much (Only Gold For Me by OPI for Sephora).  I was so pleased with the way this manicure turned out.  The blues were leaning more towards turquoise and sea foam which i have to say really remind me of the Caribbean ocean which i LOVE!  I'd say since i won't be dipping my feet in that pretty turquoise water until the end of June, this was a fun way to bring some of that Caribbean beauty to me!  What do you think?

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    May Birch Box - My very first one!!

    Wednesday, May 16, 2012

    I was on the waiting list for Birch Box for over two weeks which probably doesn't sound like a lot, but to me... it felt like YEARS!  Finally i got the much awaited email inviting me to receive my monthly goodies and i couldn't be happier!  I quickly signed up and anxiously waited!  I received my very first Birch Box last week.   When it arrived, i could not open it fast enough!  I mean, this particular box was a Gossip Girl themed box and even though i no longer watch the show, i certainly love the characters' incredible sense of style so i was anxious to see what kinds of goodies were in store for meee! The outside of the box came with a Gossip Girl sleeve with a picture of the NY skyline.  I admired it briefly, then proceeded to slide the sleeve off and open the box.  My first impression was one of disappointment to be really honest.  I was kind of like, "where's the rest??"  In fact, i was thinking the samples would be a bit bigger.  However, after examining it further, i realized it was actually quite nice. I received the 'Chic Sunday Brunch' box.   I absolutely love the headband.  The color could not be more perfect!  The BB cream was also a nice addition, especially since I've been dying to try one!  This one is pretty good though I still want to try a few more brands before deciding which full size product to purchase.  The beauty blender/brush cleaner will certainly come in handy, that's for sure!  I love the 'xoxo' note card, it's so chic!  In addition, there was a Gossip Girl trivia card containing product information in the back.  I got a fun, gold nail polish as well.  I'll admit i have yet to use it, but will do so soon!  After all, you know i love me some nail polish!  Lastly, the perfume sample... hm where do i begin... it kinda smells like men's cologne.  It's a pleasant scent indeed but certainly not for a woman!  Let's not mention the ridiculous cost for a full size bottle at a whopping $165!  What???  So that was my first Birch Box!  Although it wasn't the best, it was still super cute and certainly fun to receive and open!  I look forward to next month's, and the month after that and so forth!  Have you checked out Birch Box?  If you currently subscribe, don't forget to leave feedback for each of the items you receive.  For each review, you'll get 10 points.  This means 50 points per box.  For every 100 points, you get $10 to use towards a Birch Box purchase!  Hullo???  Major score right?  So go ahead, write your reviews and enjoy the rewards!  XOXO


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    More Allure news!

    Monday, May 14, 2012

    Today was MAH-JOR!  I mean, the kinda stuff dreams are made of!  I have to say that i have been been incredibly blessed throughout this short journey of mine!  I started blogging at the end of last year, knowing in my heart I'd be a success.  The reason i knew this is because i truly believe when you follow your heart and do what you love, everything just falls into place.   Also, success can be interpreted in many different ways.  For me, success is finding your passion and pursuing it.  I've found mine and can honestly say that i feel pretty complete right now simply because i have a place to write my thoughts about my favorite things! 

    Two and half months in, i got a major nod from the Bible of the beauty industry Allure magazine when they selected my blog as an alternate for their Beauty Blogger of the Year awards.  This still surprises me because at that point, my blog was so small. I had only a hand full of followers yet Allure found something special about it.  I have since sprinkled it with so much more wonderful information and along the way, I've gained over a hundred followers.  I value each and every page view, comment, etc . 

    Well, while I'm still at the beginning of this wonderful journey of mine, another opportunity has come my way.   I recently signed up to be an Allure Enthusiast, which consists mainly of a panel of readers who provide feedback on certain beauty products as well as other information Allure may need.  Last Wednesday night, i received an email from Allure asking me to fill out a questionnaire to this three part selection process for some major fun stuff.  Basically, i filled out this fun questionnaire and submitted a picture of myself as requested.  If they liked what i submitted, i would hear from them by last Friday.  Well, i did!  This lead me to the second portion of the selection process which was a phone interview.  Jennifer Friedman contacted me and mentioned how she was glad that i was already on's blog roll which is a pretty cool thing in itself.  I was asked about my favorite beauty product as well as how i shop for beauty products.  I loved answering these questions!  I can talk 'beauty' for hours!!!  They sounded pleased with my responses and advanced me to the final selection process consisting of a 'meet and greet' at the Conde Naste building in NYC (Allure headquarters).  Um YEAH!  OMG the thought of riding the same elevator of Anna Wintour (Editor-in-Chief of Vogue) or Linda Wells (Editor and Chief of Allure) whom BTW i watched on the Today Show just this morning and was filled with a ton of wonderful beauty information... i just about died at the thought! 

    Though there was very short notice, i managed to sneak a little time away to shop for a cute new outfit (first impressions are EVERYTHING)!   I made the drive to beautiful NYC bringing back so many memories of a time when I'd worked just two short blocks away from the famous building i was about to enter.  As i entered the lobby, i took a deep breath and thought, 'i'm going to be myself', that's all i can be at this point.  The rest is up to the Universe!  I mean, the Universe has lead me here so far and quite frankly, it's a wonderful place to be in such a short amount of time.  I walked up to the security counter where they found my name on a list in order to be allowed to the elevators.  I proceeded to the fourth floor.  I walked past the famous Conde Naste cafeteria which I'd lunched in many years prior (it's by invitation only).  This too brought back wonderful memories!  I marveled at the beauty in this building and the people in it.  Wow, it was just fantastic!  I was quickly greeted by a warm and inviting Allure staffer who gave me a lanyard with my name on it.  She asked me if i was the Allure Blogger alternate to which i replied 'yes!'  She said she'd heard i was coming which was reassuring!  Once the rest of the people selected arrived (there were maybe 10-12 of us), we were escorted to a gorgeous conference room.  They provided beautifully prepared refreshments and snacks in a way only the Conde Naste staff would.   There were large rectangular tables set up in a square.  The Allure staff were seated in one section facing all of us.  There was Jennifer Friedman (the lovely person who interviewed me over the phone), whom was conducting the 'meet and greet' as well as a few other people whom consisted of marketing researchers and Allure Staff members.  We began by discussing a little about ourselves as well as our favorite beauty products.  It was interesting to hear every one's favorites and compare notes.  I noticed Jennifer had a couple of pages containing each of our pictures.  She carefully took notes about each of us next to our picture.  I noticed she wrote a decent amount next to mine... hoping that's a good thing lol.  I was surprisingly relaxed and felt in my element.  I wanted this day to last forever!  I tried so hard to capture every single detail of every single moment that i was in that building.  We were told that there are many opportunities ahead.  Allure is looking for a few women to be spokespersons at major events, as well as possibly appear in Ad's and be guest bloggers, etc.  We will soon find out who will end up fulfilling these wonderful opportunities.  Overall, I'm pleased with my performance.  I also questioned if there were still plans to possibly work with any of the challenged i completed in the Beauty Blogger of the Year awards.  They were very good and if they're not being used with Allure, I'd certainly love to share them with all of you.   I was told there was still a possibility so I'm going to hold off on posting them.  Hopefully soon you'll be able see them in one form or another. 

    Overall, i come out of this feeling incredibly blessed and lucky to have had such an amazing opportunity and experience.  After all, even if nothing major comes out of this, i can still say that this has been the most incredible ride ever!  For that, i am beyond grateful to the Allure staff whom until now, has truly believed in me and my little blog!  I look forward to seeing where this wonderful journey takes me! 

    Here are a few pictures from today!  I apologize in advance for the poor quality of the photos (i typically like using my DSLR) but had to use solely my iPhone to document this event. 

    Here's a picture of me driving into NYC (no worries the car was stopped...hullo, NYC traffic! lol).

    This is a couple of blocks away from Conde Naste in the middle of Times Square.

    The picture below kind of speaks for itself!

    Allure was very generous as always and gifted us with lovely products and the latest issue of Allure.


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    Anastasia Brow Pen

    Saturday, May 12, 2012

    Remember back in the 90's when Cindy Crawford strutted the runway with her fabulous mole that we all tried to replicate (c'mon you know you did!).  We all idolized her flawless body, her gorgeous hair and her full perfectly manicured brows right? Well, i was not blessed with such.  But i'm certainly not mad at it!  I mean, this is why we turn to our favorite beauty products... they can solve just about any beauty related problem!  For years, i used a brow powder by MAC which i liked very much!  However, one day, while shopping at Sephora (surprise surprise), i found a brow pen by Sephora's own brand.  I was skeptical at first as i did not want to have my brows look as if they'd been painted on (ew!), but i picked it up knowing that if i didn't achieve the look i was searching for, i could easily return it.  Well, i'd found my dream brow solution!  Sadly, when i ran out and attempted to replenish, i realized the Sephora brand no longer carried this product.  I quickly sought the help of one of Sephora's staff members who instantly directed me to a brand i'd never quite heard of called Anastasia of Beverly Hills.  They carried the brow pen i searched for!  I purchased it and prayed that it'd have the same effect on my brows as my previous beloved Sephora purchase.  I was pleased to find that it was just perfect!  This little brow pen can easily transform an entire look.  I still remember the first time i used it, i had a ton of friends ask me what i'd done differently. They noticed something yet weren't sure quite what!  It's a wonderful product that glides on super easily, the pen shape makes it easy to apply giving you lots of control over the application process.  Lastly, it goes on like a powder.  It does not create the look of 'painted on' brows... imagine that!  You get a very natural, yet defined look.  I highly recommend this product to anybody and everybody!  It comes in two shades.  Universal Light - suggested for blonde to light brown hair, and Universal Deep for dark brown to black hair.  I purchased Universal Light and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  For $21 (it lasts a long time), you can't afford not to purchase it! 

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    New Beauty Test Tube

    Thursday, May 10, 2012

    As a self proclaimed beauty junkie (surely there's therapy for this, no?), I'm super excited about all the beauty sample home delivery services so easily available.  As i recently mentioned here, i am now a Julep Maven, (a member of the monthly nail polish delivery service).  I'm also anxiously awaiting my FIRST Birch Box.  I mean, seriously, I've been known to stalk the UPS truck around town (OK not really but you get the point)!  So I'm here to tell you about the ultimate product sampling program, New Beauty's Test Tube!  The way it works is, every three months (seasonally) you'll get a shipment of a variety of deluxe or full size samples enabling the member to sample/test out new products before investing in them.  Brands range from Moroccan Oil (yay),  Dr. Brandt, Mally, Skin Ceuticals and more! The membership costs $29.99 every three months.   In addition to the products, you will receive an issue of New Beauty magazine detailing all the latest beauty essentials.  If you prefer to read this issue digitally, you are also issued a special code enabling to read it on your ipad (score)!  Lastly, you'll get several gift cards to use towards a purchase at  The wonderful thing about this particular service is that it comes with a folder that includes a detailed description of each sample.  You'll also get periodic emails containing video tutorials on the products included in each tube.  Overall, I'd say this is a great service.  I'm looking forward to my Summer edition of Test Tube for sure!   My favorite products from this shipment were the Moroccan Oil Frizz Control (Love MO products), the Mally evercolor shadow stick (Fun Fact: you have 30 seconds to blend, smooth and play with the color to get your desired look.  If you were to not wash it off (yuck) it'd last up to FIVE days!!! What???), and the YBF eye liner in a rich plum hue (it's highly pigmented, a super fun color, long lasting, AND comes complete with a sharpener that's built right into the cap... i mean, what more could one ask for??  I'll admit, I'm still testing out all the skin care stuff and so far so good!  I'll know more in a few days... these things take time you know!  Anyway, if you're a beauty junkie like moi, then this is for YOU! 

    Here are some pics of my lovely delivery!


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