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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I spare no expense when it comes to taming my mane! God knows how much abuse my hair has taken over the course of the last few years.  However, when i finally splurged on the Thermafuse Fahrenheit 450 Straightening Treatment, i decided it was time to take really REALLY good care of my locks!  I began using ammonia free hair dye, as well as using the best hair products i could get my hands on to maintain my hair soft, shiny and just plain beautiful.  One thing i could never get out of my head during a conversation with my wonderful hair stylist... she highly recommended Kerastase hair products insisting they were the "Bentley" of hair products!  Well, hullo??? Did she say Bentley? Clearly i was sold!  I mean, it's not looking like I'll be driving one any time soon!  So, since i can't have the real thing, I'll settle for the next best thing!  Well, a dear friend who knows how much I've been dying to try Kerastase products, kindly gifted me with the Kerastase Architecte Renovating Dual Serum which caters to extremely damaged hair and split ends.  It was love at first dab!  Honestly, after applying a few squirts of this baby on my damp hair, it immediately felt so so SOOOOO soft and extremely manageable.  Since my hair is very thick, dry and difficult to manage, i can immediately tell if a product works for me. This one certainly did not disappoint!  I could run a comb through it without feeling any pulling or tugs.  All i can think of now is how much i really REEEEEALLY want to try their entire product line!  OMG if it's anything like this one product, then I'm a fan for life! 

Here's a side note that i thought I'd share with you as well... When i first placed a dab of this serum on my hands, i was immediately drawn to its amazing fragrance.  Not only because it's delicious, but because it was somewhat nostalgic for me.  It has this very subtle mango scent that takes me back to several years ago.  My late grandma and I walked into Victoria's Secret, and they'd launched a line of Summer scents, one of which was Mango.  Grandma and I practically drooled over this scent and quickly stocked up before the line was completely sold out.  We wore it just about every day that Summer!  I was so sad when they discontinued that lovely scent.  Sadly, grandma is no longer with us... it will be a year this June.  I must say, using this product brought back a wonderful memory i have of my grandma.  It's amazing how life sometimes brings us these unexpected surprises.  Go figure... I will think of her every time i use it, and that... makes me smile!
You can purchase Kerastase hair products via it's own website as well as

I lovingly dedicate this post to my Avo Manuela up in Heaven... wherever you are, I'll always love you!

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  7. That was so usefull and then...moving! (My grandmother died last June too!) I totally need this product - do you apply it on wet hair? Does it create any "sticky" feeling on your hair?

    1. Olga yes! You apply it on damp hair. It doesn't make your hair sticky at all, just very soft without wearing it down. Try it :). Xoxo

  8. Good post, my hair isn't in great condition so I may have to check these out :)

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