Sephora Beauty Insider Event! My Picks!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

It's Sephora's Beauty Insider Event and i am here to share some of my favorite Sephora picks! Listen, it's super easy to get lost in these sales and end up shopping mindlessly.  Believe, i've done this many times!  This time, i am going to focus on items that i personally own, love and need to replenish!  However, in addition to showing you my purchases, i wanted to highlight some products that i consider this my everyday go-to situations!  These are products i wear daily and have purchased over and over again therefore i can easily vouch for their effectiveness and overall performance!

Let's start with what i purchased thus far!  My absolute favorite fragrance is this one!  I'm a huge fan of Neroli and it's sort of become tradition for me to repurchase a bottle every time Sephora has this event because why pay full price.  It literally smells like Summer beach days in Capri (I'm not quite sure what that means but in essence that's what this fragrance makes me feel like every time i wear it).

So here's the thing, i like to invest in my hair, particularly because my hair is in bad shape from
excessive heat paired with going platinum last year!  One thing i learned is that if you bleach in your hair in any way, OLAPLEX is your bff!  This is essentially how celebs can switch up from dark to blonde constantly without major damage! I currently have the shampoo, conditioner, the N.3 Hair Protector which is a concentrated treatment that strengthens the hair from within, reducing breakage and improving its look and feel.  I use this before coloring and every other week.  Lastly, i love the N. 6 Bond Smoother Leave In Conditioner!  These products are incredible for your hair!  My hair stylist has been using OLAPLEX on my hair for quite some time so i was thrilled when i learned they're finally available to non professionals!  I re-ordered another N.3 because i was running low!

Next, the other hair care brand that i've loved for YEARS and will forever be loyal to is Alterna!  I am LOVING the bonding collection and it's one that seems to be instrumental in helping to rebuild my hair from all the damage i caused it. I'm running super low on the Smoothing Anti-Frizz Oil Mist that's blended with omega oils to add shine while taming frizz.  Also super important to me, this product protects hair up to 450 degrees!  I have purchased this three times and just ordered my 4th!  This product is a bit pricey so this is the perfect time to stock up!  A little goes a long way. It does last me for quite a while and i try to order this every time Sephora has this event!  The last product i ordered so far (yes, there may be more but i can only chat about what i've already ordered) is Ouai Memory Mist... a favorite of mine!  I've been using this for a while and love a few things about it.  First, it's a great product to apply to the hair while styling because it really helps the hair maintain it's shape for hours.  Additionally, it protects from heat which is essential to me as well since i do blow dry my hair and occasionally use a curling wand.  I included a couple of other products that i really love in this photo though i have not reordered only because they're still relatively full and i use such a tiny amount that i think these will last me for a few months.  Basically i love the Alterna Anti-Aging Caviar Reconstructing Bond Repair Leave-In Heat Protection Spray!  This stuff is a  must for me right now for a multitude of reasons but i love that it makes my hair feel soft and manageable as well as protected from heat.  As you can see, i learned my lesson BIG TIME and make sure all products i use have heat protection.

Ahhh now on to my favorite topic... makeup!  So to be clear, i am not purchasing any of these items for this sale simply because i have plenty of product left with the exception of the Erborian CC Cream. However, i purchased a backup during the last Sephora event sale so i'm good!  Thing is, for those of you who want makeup recommendations, i thought i'd take a peek at the products i reach for mostly every day and share those much loved products with you!

When it comes to face powders, Laura Mercier does it RIGHT!  I have an obsession with both the translucent and GLOW powders, they're just so finely milled and set my makeup beautifully.  As for skin products, i don't like to wear foundation on a daily basis.  There are two products that i alternate and i know you've heard me talk about them over and over but being that these are permanent fixtures in my makeup routine, i feel compelled to share them again.  First Aid Beauty's Tinted Moisturizer leaves the skin feeling hydrated while providing a very mild coverage.  If you pair this with a good concealer (i recommend IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye) that can spot treat any blemishes or redness than you should be able to create a beautiful canvas.  This concealer is powerful and packed with skin loving anti-aging ingredients, however, proceed with caution as a tiny bit goes a long way!  The other skin product i'm obsessed with is the Erborian CC Cream.  Now this product i use quite generously!  I pack it on and it gives the skin a bit of a blur effect while providing mild coverage.  Again, use your concealer to spot treat and it will achieve enough coverage for a day look.  I personally prefer this over foundation for day time.

Charlotte Tilbury is one of my biggest obsessions... hello, have you seen the new GLOWGASM collection?  OMG i need it stat! Ok focus Carla!  A must have from this amazing brand is the Flawless Filter.  If you love a glowy look then you'll want to dab this on the highs of your cheeks, cupid's bow or anywhere you want to highlight.  There is no glitter here, it's simply Goddess level glow! The Light Wand is also one of my holy grail highlighter situations.  Ugh so so so good! I also love this Fenty highlighter! The Cheek to Chic blushes are insanely beautiful and i can't imagine life without them!  If you're looking for the perfect nude lippie, pick up Charlotte Tilbury's Bitch Perfect and be sure to line your lips with Pillow Talk.  This combo is what nude lip dreams are made of! I love the Golden Goddess and Exagger Eyes Palette.  I also have my eyes on Pillow Talk!

Looking for sun kissed looking skin?  I have been reaching for Tarte's Hotel Heiress bronzer for months now and love the beautiful bronzy look it graces my skin with. It's a nice warm tone and i use it everyday.  These mini Natasha Denona palettes are a great value at just $25 when you consider her larger palettes are in the $125 range.  These are incredibly beautiful and have a great range.  I own three of them and highly recommend, particularly the nude palette because it's so versatile!

OK let's chat eyeliner and mascara.  Urban Decay's 24-7 Glide-On Eye Liner is all i reach for every day!  The formula is so creamy and easy to work with but stays put all day!  I smudge some on my upper lash line and then use a flat angled brush to sweep outwards for a gorgeous cat eye without the fuss of a liquid liner! Follow this with IT Cosmetics Super Hero Mascara for beautifully coated lashes!  This mascara is not only lengthening but voluminizing!  It's so powerful and i always have a backup tube in my stash!

The L'aneige Lip Sleep Mask is a holy grail of mine. I keep one on my nightstand and one in my makeup pouch.  I apply every night before bed and every morning when i wake up.  This leaves my lips so moisturized! Lastly, i set my makeup every day with Urban Decay's All Nighter Setting Spray!  I have a back up of this product as well because i love it so much.  I even spray my beauty blender with it when i apply my concealer and it works like a dream!

Ok I could go on and on about makeup because there are so many products out there that i'm loving.  For instance, this Natasha Denona Cheek Palette is SO GOOD... but i wanted to really focus on the products i use over and over and over again.  My recommendation for shopping this sale is to restock on products you know you'll use a ton.  Perhaps select an item that you're curious about in addition to your restocks for a bit of fun.  You don't have to go crazy or break the bank.  Really, just focus on what you truly need and think you'll use!

I hope this post helps you narrow down your choices. Rouge costumers can save 20% now with code HEYROUGE at checkout! Happy Shopping and be sure to let me know what you picked up!  Xo, Carla - FMM


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  1. What a fabulous post! I definitely agree that Laura Mercier does powders right. I love them so much and that is a product I always repurchase!