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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

You guys... Amazon is on FIRE!  Seriously, i have been scoring some SUPER CUTE stuff which got me thinking, i need to share this with my BFFs (you)! I love being a prime member so much and take full advantage of this membership because as a busy, full-time working mommy, it's hard to find time to hit the stores sometimes and i have no doubt you can relate!  I've shared a few of my Amazon finds on insta-stories and many of you loved them and suggested i write a post.  So without further ado, here it is!  Also note i do not work with Amazon and am not being sponsored by this post.  I will always state if a post is sponsored.


Since purchasing this game changing tool, i have bid farewell to bad hair days! In fact, i purchased it out of sheer curiosity feeling almost certain that i would be returning it.  I was BLOWN AWAY pun intended!  I cannot believe how freaking genius this thing is! I always had the hardest time blow drying the back of my hair because holding a dryer and brush at the same time is rough.  So basically, i wound up with semi straight hair in the front and wavy/frizzy hair in the back.  This product seals in the cuticle so beautifully that it literally gives you a salon blow out that lasts for days.  I have basically bought one for my mom because i know how much she struggles with her hair and have told ALL MY FRIENDS about it!  Many of them have purchased and the texts reading 'best $54 i've ever spent' have been countless at this point!  The hype is real people!  You can also purchase it here and here.

My mini beauty fridge has been a beauty game changer for me!  My husband gifted me one for my birthday and i can honestly say that i look forward to my skincare routine more than ever, particularly in the morning! I keep my eye cream and a few moisturizers in there along with this Jade Roller (also an amazon find) and i LOVE how it helps to depuff the bags under my eyes every morning.  There's no better feeling than those few minutes i take to massage my eye cream and moisturizer into my skin with my cooled Jade Roller in the morning.  It literally minimized any swelling or puffing of the skin and feels like a mini facial!  So good!  Also, i love placing sheet masks in my beauty fridge.  Feels so good to apply them when they're nice and cool!

As mentioned above, this is one of those gadgets that i simply wouldn't ever want to be without!  It will leave your skin feeling plump, helps to work your skincare into the skin and just feels amazing.  I gave one to my mom for Christmas and she raves about it! It's super affordable and well worth it!

This is perhaps one of my absolute FAVORITE brands of nail polish!  I apply every sunday night and lasts all week!  I'm currently wearing the shade 'Got Myself Into a Jam-Balaya' and it's Spring perfection!

This hand lotion and cuticle cream is ALWAYS on my nightstand because it not only keeps my hands super hydrated but it smells uhhhhmazing! I love falling asleep to the delicious smell of lemon and sage... it's so therapeutic and relaxing.  It's also my daughter Mia's favorite... every night she sneaks into my room and asks to use it.  How could i resist!  I also bought the body lotion version and it's delicious!

On that note i have to say that Bliss sent over this mask for me to try and OH EM GEEEE it's sooooo good!!! I've used it every single week for the past couple of months and my skin is obsessed with it and for $15, you'll get a ton of uses without breaking the bank!

This is HANDS DOWN my favorite lip mask ever!  I keep one on my nightstand and one in my makeup pouch!  Everyone in my house (hubs included) love it so much.  Swipe this on your lips at night and you'll wake up with super soft, smooth lips!


When i shared this bag on insta-stories, you guys went CRAZY for it and for good reason!  For under $33, this bag looks like it cost well over 1k and is quite functional!  I have been wearing it every day and get a ton of compliments on it.  The quality is excellent and the hardware is sturdy and luxurious.  I also love the accordion  style because it allows me to separate items by category.  For instance, i have my wallet and keys in one compartment, My lippies, mirror and gum in another and so on. I also love that it's crossbody because it allows me the freedom to be hands-free which i love for an everyday bag!  

Speaking of bags, omg Amazon has some seriously gorgeous options and i am beginning to think i may have a problem restraining myself from buying them all!  I recently bought this one because it looks like the way more expensive version at a fraction of the cost.  It's such a fun bag for Spring and Summer and to be quite honest, this is not the type of bag that i would invest a ton of money into!  Amazon really came through for me here!  So i actually bought the full price version (though i just noticed it's currently majorly discounted and clearly i paid TOO MUCH for it) of this bag and came across a look-alike here for a fraction of what i paid.  Granted, i haven't seen it in the exact color of the one i own but there are certainly some really cute options here! Also, if you love the high end version of this acrylic beauty, don't miss out on this Amazon steal!  

If you love straw and wicker bags for Spring and Summer, you'll love these!  First, i lived in this bag last year!  It's such a great bag for carrying your essentials during the warmer months.  Not to mention it's so on trend right now! I also just spotted this one and am ordering it because it's SO CUTE and i love the tassel detail! 

I love a good cardigan so when i spotted this one, i knew this Jersey girl needed it stat!  I've been really loving it paired with leggings and short booties.  It's such a great and super affordable transitional piece too! 

OK you are going to LOVE me for this.... calling all my UGG lovers (or fuzzy lined boot lovers in general)!  You know when you've worn your boots for months and the inner lining starts to become flat?  Well, pick up a set of these inserts and you'll feel like you own a brand new pair of UGG boots! It will only set you back $10 and when you slip your foot into them you'll instantly be transported into fuzzy boot heaven!  The coolest part is that you don't have to use them solely on your boots... simply put these in any shoe or sneaker that you want to feel cozy and warm!  Boom... you're welcome!

Hair clips are ALL THE RAGE right now!  Especially this style here!  Well, when i spotted this set of three on Amazon for a mere $2.39 i figured.... can't possibly be any good!  But for the price i decided that it wouldn't be a terrible loss if they weren't.  Well, wow, wow, WOW! These hair clips are not only gorgeous but they're actually quite luxurious and truly secure the hair!  They take about a week to arrive and they're insanely beautiful. I know a bunch of you already snagged a set when you saw mine on a recent makeup tutorial i did on insta-stories!  These are an absolute must-have right now and don't bother shopping them from anywhere else because for a couple of bucks, your hair will be riding in style all season long! 

This initial necklace looks so expensive and really it's only $15!  Every time i wear it, i get so many compliments!  It's a beautiful piece and makes such a statement... also makes a great, and super affordable gift! 

These slides will instantly elevate your Spring and Summer looks!  They come in a TON of colors!  I'm loving the pink and camel options but really, there's an option for every style and they're so so comfy! 

I'm obsessed with kimonos!  I mean, they're not only perfect beach cover ups but they pair beautifully over a dress or jeans and a tank top!  I have spent so much money on kimonos and recently discovered that Amazon has a ton of options! I even found an exact replica for my absolute favorite kimono in the whole wide word that i purchased from Zara for a ton of money in comparison to the Amazon version!  I love this one and this one so so much!

So i just placed a large order of dresses for summer!  I'm looking to pair cute, comfortable styles with cozy white sneakers or comfy slides for my upcoming trip to europe and think these options are fun without breaking the bank.  Please note that these have not arrived in the mail yet but i will report on them as soon as i get them.  I figured i'd link them here in case you're looking for something similar! I purchased this one in yellow and also in black because it looks perfect for sightseeing!  I also purchased this one and think it will look SO CUTE with some of the bags i chatted about!  I had this one in my shopping cart for quite some time and decided it was time.  My inner bohemian child is screaming with excitement and keeping all limbs crossed that it fits and looks good!  Also couldn't resist this gorgeous boho top!  Kind of wishing i had ordered this one because it's so beautiful! 

I have these slides and lived in them last year!  The only thing i'll say is size down at least half a size.  The rose gold is such a great neutral and literally pairs well with everything!  I'm ordering a new pair this year simply because mine are a bit big on me and i want them a bit more snug.  These are worth every penny... so so comfy and so so chic! 

I have these sunnies in four different colors!  I wore them so much last year!  I just ordered them in tortoise and LOVE THEM!  Uhhhh so so chic and under $10!  I also love these large round sunnies!  I know many of you loved them too when i've styled them for instagram also styled them here! 

Oh and if you're a Target lover (i mean, who isn't) then this mug is for you!  My sweet friend Nicole gifted me this for my birthday and i truly love it so much!  

OK so i have a ton more to share but i think that's quite enough for one post, no?  I'm thinking of putting a post together on useful gadgets or keto items that i frequently order from Amazon.  Would that interest you?  Either let me know in the comments or reach out on instagram!  I truly hope you find some gems in this post!  Let me know if anything sparked your interest!  

Thank you SO MUCH for reading! Xo, Carla - FMM

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