Microblading Part 2

Sunday, December 16, 2018

I'm back to chat a little bit more about my microblading experience!  To read part one, be sure to click here where i detail everything about microblading! I also answered a ton of questions that many of you left for me on instagram! To back track a bit, i had microblading done this past Summer with Jennifer Boccongelli at Dr. Jeffrey B. Wise's office in Wayne N.J. This was my very first time getting microbladed and i was quite nervous about the whole experience to say the least.  I will say that i have learned so much throughout this process and I'm so happy to share it all with you!  Microblading typically involves two sessions.  The initial session gives you instant gorgeous brows.  However, it's a process.  First, the brows begin to scab and then the scabbing flakes off over the course of the following week.  It is recommended that you go in for your touch-up six weeks after the initial session. This allows your brows time to fully heal.  At this point, the technician is able to fill in any spots that may have dulled a bit and simply perfect the job.  Once the second session is done, you'll need to patiently wait another 4-6 weeks to truly see the end result.

Jennifer openly mentioned during my first session that it would be a solid couple of months before we could really see what my brows would look like.  Ahhh seems like a lifetime away but i promise, the time flies by!  As mentioned previously, i have learned so much throughout this process!  One thing that i strongly suggest is to ask your Microblading Specialist if touch ups are included in the overall cost.  Remember, you typically need one touch up there are situations where some may need a second or even third touch up to achieve the desired brow look.  So it it obviously important to find out ahead of time how much the overall cost may potentially be.  I can't say enough about Jennifer's patience and kindness with this entire process.  She makes me feel so at ease and always reassures me that if i need a second touch-up, she is happy to do it! That is indicative of a true professional who respects her craft.

Interestingly enough, my brows haven't been the easiest to take to microblading.  Once the scabbing phase is complete, I'm left with a beautiful shape but there are definitely some faded spots.  Don't get me wrong, if you see my initial 'before' picture, my brows have come a LONG way!  I no longer fill them in on a regular basis, only when i have a special event to go to.  Having said that, i am going in for my third touch up this week and am keeping my fingers crossed that this is the final time.  Jennifer mentioned that some people need a third touch up and i simply happen to be one of them.

It's been a couple of months since my last touch-up and due to my travel schedule and a major snow storm that impacted the entire tri-state area, i finally made it to my second touch up!  As always, Jennifer greeted me with her warm, familiar smile.  She took the time to answer a few more questions while my brows sat with numbing cream. Going into this initially, i never gave much thought to the possibility that my brows would fade so easily.  I simply assume after my touch up, they would be set for a while.  Since that wasn't the case, i wanted to pick Jennifer's brain about why this happened and what other options are available for clients like myself who simply have a difficult time holding the pigment.  It all basically comes down to oiliness.  While i have combination skin, i wear glasses and tend to build a ton of oil in my T zone! I have no doubt that this played a major role in this process.  You see, the first week, it is imperative that you keep the brows dry at all times (yes, showering is an interesting task, particularly in scuba glasses... don't judge!).  However, thinking back to the time of year that i had my first and second session (late July and late August), the humidity levels were super high and it was quite challenging to keep the oils away.  Parting ways with my glasses was obviously not an option but at the time, i didn't realize that this may be impacting my microblading results.  If you're extremely oily, note that microblading may not be your best option.  But fret not, you have another option that will work best for your skin type! Powder Brows or Permanent Makeup may be best suited for you (Jennifer also provides this service).

Getting back to my situations with my glasses, i asked her what i could do in the meantime to ensure that i have better success with the results. Obviously the weather is much cooler so i have that in my favor (phew), but i still struggle with the oil built up throughout the day.  SHE GAVE ME A WONDERFUL TIP THAT I SERIOUSLY NEVER THOUGHT OF AND IT'S KIND OF BRILLIANT!!!! Use blotting paper to blot the eyebrows a couple of times a day!!!  What?!  So doable and kind of genius!  Why didn't i think of this before!  She likes to use the NYX blotting sheets (super affordable option) and I've been a fan of the Tacha blotting sheets for quite some time and will surely put them to good use.

For my second session, Jennifer combined microblading with powder brows.  I will say that this session resulted in my favorite overall shape!  They're slightly thinner than previous sessions which may work best for me in terms of longevity and the shape is perfection!  I am going to take every precaution (hello blotting sheets and scuba goggles) during the first week to ensure the best possible results.  I will update this post in about a month with a final photo detailing what my brows look like once the healing process is complete.

Before and after my second touch up!

Would i do this again knowing that i might need extra touch ups?  Absolutely!  Regardless of the slight fading in certain spots which the third touch-up should easily take care of, it's SO NICE to not have to fill in my brows everyday!  I mean, brows are time consuming and really, 'ain't nobody got time' amiright?! If you are in New Jersey, please consider Jennifer at Dr. Wise's office for your microblading needs.  She is truly a perfectionist and i am so pleased to have found her.  The office staff is incredibly courteous, the microblading room is nice and relaxing (think comfy bed, soft music in the background, etc.), and Jennifer is a gem!  She is so patient, answered all of my questions without making me feel rushed and truly reassured me that all would be OK and that she would touch up my brows until they felt right.  I highly, highly recommend this place!

Obsessed with my brows!

I will update this post to reflect the results of my touch-up in a few weeks!  Until then, be sure to check out part 1 of my microblading post if you are considering microblading or powder brows! Thank you so much for reading! Xo, Carla - FMM

*This service was complimentary however all opinions are my own based on my own experience.