Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

As many of you know, I've always struggled with my weight.  That being said, pants any other color than black were simply unacceptable in my book!  Well, for me that is.  You see, i have thick legs in general, even after major weight loss so needless to say, I'm quite self conscious about what i wear on the bottom half of my body.  A few weeks back, i spotted these gorgeous cropped red stretchy jeans and fell instantly in love with all the possibilities.  Think black and white stripe top, or navy or white etc.  Ugh but i couldn't get them... could i?  I decided i needed to just suck it up and try them on. Well low and behold, i didn't hate how they looked.  I must have starred at the mirror for a good five minutes analyzing every single portion of the fit in every which angle i could possible see with my naked eyes! Surprisingly, i was OK with what i saw!  Hmmm... feeling a mix an array of emotions (excited, terrified, confused... you name it), i made my way over to the cash register and did it... i bought the red pants (insert bulge eyed emoji)!

So for today's post, i figured I'd put on my brave face and show you how i styled my new favorite pair of colored pants... well, my only pair but you get what I'm saying!

I suppose sometimes you gotta just say... f*ck it!  Wear the dang pants!  And wear them i did!  So lets chat... now that i shared one of my major insecurities, what is one item of clothing that you just can't bring yourself to wear and why?  I'd love to hear you thoughts and know that I'm not alone here!

Thank you so much for reading!  Shop the complete outfit below!  Xo, Carla - FMM