End of Summer Blues...

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I literally cringed writing the title of today's post! I know it's technically only the beginning of August but to me, it feels like a very long Sunday afternoon!  You know, where you are well aware that you still have a few hours left to enjoy the day but before you know it you're being awakened by the loud ringing sounds of your alarm clock? Yeah, that's what i'm feeling these days.  I'm so fortunate to have a job that allows me Summers off.  I cannot tell you enough that as a parent, there is nothing more precious than being able to spend Summers home with my babies even if they do drive me insane at times... still, i would change nothing! These are the days of froliquing in the pool, grilling for dinner, ice cream runs, sweet little dates during the day, blowing bubbles, morning walks... i mean, the list goes on and on. Lots of memories being made.  Soon enough, however, we will be back to the hustle and bustle of the school year.  But life is such... until then, i'll try and focus on the fact that i still have a few hours (i mean weeks) left to enjoy these last few moments of Summer with my munchkins!

OK lets chat about the outfit shall we?  I can honestly say that I've lived most of my Summer in maxi dresses. They're so comfy and always look like you made a little effort even though really, ya just slip it on and voila!  When i ordered this one i didn't realize how much i would love it.  It's super soft, washes beautifully, has pockets and it's only $18! But at this price point... why stop there right?  My good friends at Charming Charlie sent me the most darling jewels that added the perfect touch to my outfit! What i love about Charming Charlies is their massive variety of super fun, super affordable trendy pieces that you can mix and match without breaking the bank! Toss a great pair of statement earrings to finish off a look, or a gorgeous tassel necklace to drape over your chest.  My favorite?  The gorgeous 'words to live by' bangles that are filled with empowering messages!  I'm loving mine... "girl power" and "I am loved".  I'm definitely adding to my collection because i just really enjoy filling my arms with these beautiful messages reminding me of the important things!

Lastly let's chat shoes (perhaps one of my favorite topics of all time)... keeping in theme with my 'budget friendly' dress, I'm seriously loving my super comfy sandals from Pic & Pay!  Seriously, they feel like a glove on my feet and yet look so stylish.  They truly dress up my outfit without sacrificing comfort or my wallet for that matter!  Pic & Pay has such cute styles to choose from like the Bella Women's Open Toe (wearing in photos), I also love this pair (so on trend) and this pair which is super comfy! Overall my entire look was so affordable and so versatile!  I wore this dress on vacation to dinner paired with fun baubles.  Yet, i tossed it on after rolling out of bed to grab a Starbucks at the hotel lobby and then sat at the beach to sip my coffee with an ocean view! Either way, this dress was easily my summer BFF!

 How cute is my little fur sister Shanti!!! She's such a little lady!
PS... i am loving this bag!  My sister bought it for me in Thailand so sadly i don't have a link for you guys.... it's so special though and i'm so grateful that she thought of me in such a sweet way!

Thank you so much for reading! Xoxo, Carla - FMM
*This post contains some press samples and other items i purchased myself.  All opinions are my strictly my own!  I only write about products i genuinely love and use!

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  1. I totally know what you mean! Once August comes around...I am already thinking that the summertime is coming to a close. It's a harsh dose of reality. Love your outfit! That dress is beautiful!