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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I like to change up my skincare every so often, but when i find products that truly work i need to share them with my beauty BFFs... you!  While you've heard me chat about a few of these already, they've been so good to me that i felt the need to include them in this post.  So let's chat about all the wonderful products that are rocking my skincare routine lately!

First, to say that i love sheet masks is an understatement!  Sure I've scared my hubby in kids on a few occasions while wearing said masks, but the benefits outweigh the negative so trust when i tell you, they'll get over it when they see just how glowy and plump your skin looks!  Refresh yourself from head to toe with Earth Therapeutics new K-Aesthetics Face Sheet Masks and Foot Masks!  Inspired by the K Beauty trend that has recently taken social media by storm (and for good reason!), Korean beauty focuses on fresh, ultra-youthful , glowing and hydrated skin.  Each foot and face mask is 100% biodegradable, non-irritating, free of parabens, sulfates and artificial colors and make in Korea. I'm loving the Organic Retinol Sheet Mask so much!  It's a Vitamin A derivative that stimulates cellular renewal for revitalized, rejuvenated skin.  My skin looks softer and tighter after using this mask.  It's currently on rotation as one I'm loving!  I've recently discovered foot 'sheet' masks and i can probably admit that I'm slightly addicted to these mess free beauties!  As we approach the Summer months, the soles of my feet take a major beating from wearing sandals.  I'm so happy to have finally found a way to keep them super smooth and healthy during this delicate phase.  Oh and the Organic Tea Tree Oil Soft Heels Gel Patches are like nothing I've ever tried.  They're a gel heel patch infused with an innovative healing blend of Tea Tree Oil, soothing Eucalyptus Oil and stimulating Peppermint Oil for an intensive therapy that moisturizes, softens and protects dry, cracked heels.  Ergonomically designed to fit over the heel, the patch forms an occlusive barrier to lock in moisture.  Love wearing these at night when the skin on my heels just won't budge!

OK what I'm about to tell you is so important so listen up!  The pillowcase you choose plays a major role in the appearance of your skin.  First, you must be sure that you're switching it out often enough! Second, choosing a silk pillowcase can ensure that your skincare stays on your skin and is not absorbed into the pillowcase!  I'm using and LOVING the slip pillowcase so much I've already purchased two more colors!  'This anti-aging, anti-sleep crease, anti-bed head pillowcase by slip for beauty sleep is like an eight-hour beauty treatment every night!  Crafted from pure silk inside and out as recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, hairdressers and beauty experts alike, this pillowcase elevates beauty sleep to a whole new level.  We spend a third of our lives in bed, so what you sleep on is important!  Silk fibers are significantly less absorbent than many other fibers, so they help keep your skin's moisture and expensive face and hair products where they belong - on your face and hair, not your pillow.  Ordinary pillow cases can cause hair to pull and tangle throughout the night, leading to bed head in the morning and potentially damaging hair.  Slipsilk can help reduce friction too, which also aids in reducing stretching and tugging on delicate facial skin.' On a personal note, this pillowcase feels incredibly luxurious and pampering.  It's so soft and absolutely delicious to sleep in!  Trust me when i tell you, once you purchase one... you'll want more!

I've lost count of the times I've mentioned Pixi's Glow Tonic on the blog!  Seriously, this product is a holy grail skincare of mine!  So naturally, when Pixi released their Glow Tonic To-Go Pads i felt as though Pixi knew i needed this! Did i ever tell you about a few years ago when i went on vacation (pre-travel sized Glow Tonic) and literally poured some of my Glow Tonic liquid into a tiny container so that i wouldn't have to go without it while away?  So obviously, the pads are way more travel-friendly and super convenient!  Oh and Pixi is currently hosting their friends and family sale so be sure to use code pixifriends17 to save 20% off your order through May 23rd! Take advantage!  Glow Tonic (in any form) will leave your skin cleansed, balanced and glowing!  Can't remember the last time i skipped it during my daily skincare routine... it's that good!

Another recently discovered holy grail skincare of mine is IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Lines!  I actually emailed the brand and asked if this was a limited edition because if so, i would have to keep a major stockpile!  I can never, ever run out!  No worries, i think it's here to stay!  Phew! This revolutionary, anti-aging miracle concentrate was developed with plastic surgeons to deliver 10 powerful clinical results to your skin in as little as 10 days!  Infused with proprietary Drops of Light Optical Blurring Technology and skin-loving ingredients - including peptides, caviar extract (ooohhh la la my skin is so fancy) hydrolyzed collagen and algae, this weightless wonder serum visibly erases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving the look of tone, texture, firmness, suppleness, and elasticity.  On a personal note, this serum feels like nothing I've ever applied to my skin.  Being in my 40's means paying extra close attention to the way product feels and reacts to my skin and this one had me fall hard from day one!  I'm on my 3rd bottle and swear by it!  If you've never tried this brand, do yourself a favor and check them out!  I have so many holy grail products from IT such as Bye Bye Under Eye, Bye Bye Pores, Bye Bye Lines... hmmmm i suppose their Bye Bye anything is the way to go! lol

The Foreo Luna Play Plus is my new favorite cleansing device!  In fact, i love that it's tiny and makes the perfect vacation buddy (Aruba, we're coming for you!) But seriously, this waterproof facial cleansing device channels T-Sonic pulsations through soft silicone touch-points for deep and gentle cleansing. 'The LUNA Play Plus' two-zone brush is suitable for all skin types. It offers a bigger brush head and longer bristles than the original Luna Play to cover a larger surface area with softer and more advanced cleansing power. The thicker touch-points deeply and precisely cleanse oilier skin, particularly on the T-zone, and the thinner touch-points gently channel pulsations, suitable for sensitive or dry skin.  Combining T-Sonic pulsations with a nonabrasive silicone brush, this compact yet powerful device gently removes dead skin cells, and lifts away 99.5 percent of dirt, oil, and makeup residue.  It enhances the absorption of skin care products to refine, brighten, and even out the complexion.  For 100 uses, the LUNA Play Plus allows you to experience gentle yet effective skin care, serving as the perfect introduction to FOREO's range of LUNA facial cleansing brushes.'  This feels like a soothing massage on my skin and really helps to wake up my skin!  I feel when used with a good cleanser, this device is efficient and a perfect addition to my skincare routine! Besides, how can you resist this cutie.... oh and it comes in a variety of fun colors!

Every so often, i need a good charcoal mask to truly cleanse my pores!  Derma E Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask has become my go-to these past couple of months!  With one single use, i noticed a major difference in the appearance of my pores!  Derma E is a brand I've been loving so much lately! They offer an amazing array of quality skincare products at a great value!  This mask is a dual action formula that purges pores of deeply rooted toxins, then exfoliates away micro pollutants for purely glowing skin.  Follow with Derma E's day or night cream and you'll love the way your skin looks!

Last but certainly not least, i recently reviewed the Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift and OH EM GEE do i love this beauty!  Honestly, i used to dread my evening skincare routine but now???? I LOVE IT! I look forward to using this before bed every night.  It is such a wonderfully pampering massage for my skin leaving it plump and revitalized!  The first anti-aging massage device with patented sound technology to target firmness for face, neck, decollete.  In just 3 minutes 27,000 micro-lifting massages, relax your features and target 15 signs of aging, to lift years off your face.  This relaxing, spa-like experience soothes skin and boosts absorption of your daily skincare products.  You can read my full review here.  Personally, i could never live without it... it's delicious!

Thank you so much for reading! Xo, Carla - FMM
*This post contains press samples and products that i purchased myself.  All products in this post are tried and loved by me!