My HAUL! The Nordstrom Sale

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

My HAUL!  The Nordstrom Sale

I can't stop... won't stop!  I think this is the most I've shopped out of any Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and with good reason!  After losing over 60lbs, i literally have no Fall wardrobe.  I need coats, pants, jeans, sweaters, basic tops, jackets etc.  So what better time to stock up on a few staples than right now!  I've posted a couple of pics on instagram from my dressing room diaries but I've gotten so many questions about specific items that i decided to do a post dedicated to what i actually purchased.  Not pictured here is the pretty white blouse i posted on instagram but i couldn't find it anymore.  It may have sold out which sadly happens during this major sale!  What i love about the #NSale is that these are new items for Fall discounted for a short period of time.  Once the sale ends (August 8th) prices will go up so now's the time to buy! Oh i should mention that the Tom Ford palette in Honeymoon is not part of the sale but it was sold out for months and it was on my wish list so i finally bit the bullet.  Also, the Topshop metallic pointy toe shoes are also not part of the sale but they are very reasonably priced and so comfy too!  I placed a widget down below that will take you to the page of the item.  I hope this helps!  Thank you all for your amazing comments on the blog, instagram, FB, Twitter and Snapchat (@fashionmavenmom)!  I feel so loved and supported!  It's such a liberating feeling to fit into smaller sizes and actually look decent in my clothes!  I'm having way too much fun rebuilding my wardrobe... can you tell?!

Thank you so much for reading! Xo, Carla

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