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Saturday, July 2, 2016

I love to try out new skincare!  When i find a gem, you're the first ones to know!  I have been testing out NNNY's Nano Whiteen Cream EX and Nano Mist for about a month now so i thought i'd share my experience with you.  The packaging is quite travel friendly.  If you travel often and need something that is fits easily in your makeup pouch, these products are perfect for you!  I also like that the cream is a pump versus a jar.  I hate having to dip my fingers into my skincare.  A pump style dispenser is way more sanitary and delivers the perfect amount every time so you're not wasting product.

Now lets chat effectiveness.  What i loved about the Nano Whiteen Cream Ex is that it's a multi-tasking product that has many purposes.  This allowed me to simplify my skincare routine significantly.  This high performing anti-aging moisture cream helps restore skin's youthful glow. Nano molecular technology helps each ingredient to penetrate deeply.  What i noticed immediately is that while it's hydrating, it's lightweight and doesn't leave my skin feeling like a greasy mess.  I actually love it for this time of year.  I applied this on my clean skin every single night for the past month and have noticed my skin looking quite healthy and moisturized. Additionally, my skin tone seems a bit more even which is nice because i have a lot of redness in my skin and it tends to look quite blotchy.  I haven't had any breakouts either which is a major bonus for my sensitive skin. The overall appearance of my skin has been wonderful and i attribute it to this new addition to my skincare.

I'm obsessed with facial mists.  I own quite a few of them and of course i reach for some more than others.  The Nano Mist has been a wonderful addition to my skincare routine.  This toner helps revive dull, dry skin and gives skin an instant glow.  It basically works to seal in moisture while preventing environmental elements from clogging pores and stripping away the skin's protective moisture barrier.  I spray this on my skin as the last part of my skincare.  Another way i love to use this is to set my makeup.  When i spray this after i complete my makeup look, it not only sets everything in place but it's perfect for creating softness when i use powder products.  It gives my skin a healthy glow when my makeup leaves me with a dry powdery finish.

While these products are not exactly budget friendly, they are worth the investment considering how effective they are.  You can purchase them here as well as the rest of their skincare selection. Thank you so much for reading! Xo, Carla - FMM

*press sample - all opinions are my own based on my experience with these products


  1. Ooh that mist sounds fantastic! I definitely need a product like that in my skincare routine!

    1. It's amazing... and stay tuned, there may be a giveaway soon! xoxo

    2. It's amazing... and stay tuned, there may be a giveaway soon! xoxo