Back 2 Blonde

Thursday, June 30, 2016

I dread touching up my roots.  I mean, who actually enjoys the process really?  So naturally, i procrastinate as much as possible until i literally look like i have the worst ombre ever!  However, there are those times where i have somewhere special to go but simply haven't had the time or patience to get my roots professionally done. Thankfully Everpro's Back 2 Blonde offers a great temporary solution for times when you need a quick fix!  This products comes in three shades of blonde... Light Blonde, Medium Blonde and Dark Blonde.  You can use the shade that best suits your blonde or combine shades to achieve a perfectly blended look.  I actually layered the dark blonde with the light to create a more natural effect.  So here's how you use it:

First, shake the can really well.  Hold can 4-5 inches away from hair.  Move can back and forth while spraying until root is camouflaged.  Allow 2-3 minutes to dry and apply more where necessary. 

I was quite impressed with how well Back  2 Blonde covered my roots.  The process was quick and easy.  The color stayed put until i washed my hair the following day.  I was curious to see if this transferred on to my pillow case and i'm happy to report that it did not.  Overall i was quite impressed.  While this isn't something i'm going to use all the time, it is definitely a wonderful product to keep around for times when you want to look polished and fresh out of the salon.  I'm certainly glad i found it and love that i can easily pick this up at my local Target!  

Thank you so much for reading! Xo, Carla (*press sample - all opinions are my own)



  1. What a great product! This would definitely be nice if you are going out somewhere but don't have a chance to hit the salon. You look beautiful by the way :)

  2. Yes! Thank you Shannon, you're always so sweet! Hope all is well and thank you for stopping by! xo