Best Brow Products

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Best Brow Products

Best Brow Products by fashionmavenmommy 

Eye brows are so important because they frame your face.  Achieving perfect brows is all a matter of the products you choose to arm yourself with!  Today, i thought it'd be fun to highlight the products that have worked best for me.  One of my major brow pas, is the fact that i have barely there brows!  I need products that work to help me fill them in while ensuring a natural look!  So here are my faves!

1. I'm obsessed with this Jane Iredale Eye Shadow in White! In fact, it's close to hitting pan and I'm getting ready to stock up because i simply can't live without this beauty! It's a perfect matte!  I love to apply it right beneath the arch of my brows to create definition. 

2. An angled brush is essential for proper application of the above eye shadow.  Look here, here and here for some amazing options!

3. Anastasia Brow Pen has been a staple in my makeup repertoire for at least two years now!  It's precision at its best!  This beauty allows me to easily fill in my brows without looking as though I've painted them on!  It glides on creating a powder like finish that i love!

4.  We can't chat brows without mentioning what is perhaps the best tool in the brow business... the Tweezerman tweezers!  Seriously, Tweezerman tweezers are by far my most trusted brow tool. I love that they now come in fun patterns and colors.  Still drooling over this blinged option!

5.  IT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal pencil rocked my socks... Or shall I say brows!  fell hard for how well this pencil works!  The shape of this beauty makes application a cinch! The best part is that it's sort of a 'one size fits all' product.  The lighter the hair, the lighter the pressure of application.  Of course if you have dark brows, you apply a bit more pressure during application.  This baby also comes equipped with a brow brush which or course is essential for maintaining perfectly groomed brows! Want to try this product without fully investing? You can purchase the 'mini' version here!

So you see, while i don't need a whole army of products to keep my brows looking their best, i find that a few good ones are all it takes!  So lets chat... what are your go-to brow products?

Thank you so much for reading! Xo, Carla - FMM