Tweezerman Contour Concealer Brush

Friday, August 22, 2014

Tweezerman Contour Concealer Brush
When i first learned of Tweezerman's make up brush launch, I'll admit i was pretty excited!  I figured, if their brow products are so incredible, i couldn't imagine their brushes being anything short of amazing!  Tweezerman sent over their new contour concealer brush since I'm a part of their ambassador program and i couldn't wait to put this baby to the test!  I own a plethora of brushes but don't have a single one that is remotely close to looking like this one so naturally... i was intrigued! After reading a little about this beauty, i gave it a go.  I used it to apply my cream highlighter.  The angle on this brush makes for quite a precise application.  I allowed the angle to work with the curves of my cheekbones and the end results were amazing! This beauty graced my cheekbones with the prettiest glow. Oh and it works beautifully with powder highlighter too! I have not put it down since first use. Interestingly enough, i have not used it to apply concealer as i think it works best for highlighting purposes. I also used it to highlight under my brow bone where the angle came in handy once again! I was quite impressed with this brush and have made it an essential part of my make up application routine!  I have my eye set on a few more from this collection but if you have any recommendations on which to try next, leave a comment below!  

Thank you so much for reading! Xo, Carla - FMM

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