BIG Secret Revealed!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First, i want to thank you all so much for baring with my silence regarding my big Hollywood trip! I was sworn to secrecy and had to oblige.  I promised to share all that i could as soon as i could and i finally got the green light to do so with some limitations.  A few months ago, i was contacted about potentially being in an IT Cosmetics infomercial/commercial.  I'm a huge fan of this brand and was excited that this was even a possibility.  After a few months of deliberation, i was one of the selected ladies chosen to be part of this very special project.  I was flown out to LA where the commercial was being shot.  I met the most amazing ladies (all gorgeous IT girls) from all over the country.  The five days i spent in LA filming, shopping, dining and sight seeing were quite possibly the most amazing ever.  You can read all about my LA adventures here and here.

The commercial was shot in Jim Henson's studio (were the Muppets were filmed).  The first day on set, we were all essentially part of the studio audience where Jamie Kern Lima (the founder of IT Cosmetics) was interviewed by a famous (and gorgeous) celebrity.  I don't want to reveal who just yet because i am not sure that i can.  But you'll find out soon enough.  Jamie was her usual sweet self and shed a few tears when she walked on set and saw all of us fans sitting in the audience.  I think we all got a little emotional at this point as we shared in her joy.  It's pretty fantastic that all she worked hard for has led to so much success and now, this commercial!  This was a long day but definitely fun.  The set was absolutely gorgeous!  Sadly, my view wasn't so great.  I was in the front row right in the middle which put me behind a camera man so my view was blocked.  We were not allowed to photograph at this point though i did sneak a picture.  Out of respect however, i will not be posting it just yet as i am sure you'll want to be surprised when the commercial airs.  When the time comes, you'll see just how beautiful the set was.  There were so many fun surprises on set which you'll hopefully get to see, unless they end up on the cutting room floor.  You never know i suppose!

The second day on set was perhaps the most exciting.  This was our one-on-one interview.  I was so nervous but once the interview began, i honestly didn't want it to end.  I love talking about IT products and how they make me look and feel!  Once my interview was complete, i was sent to another holding area.  A few minutes later, i was asked to step into another room.  Well, surprise surprise Jamie was there waiting to meet me.  The cameras of course caught the entire thing... all the emotion, all the screaming!  I loved meeting her!  She is seriously one of the sweetest women ever!  She held my hand so tight and didn't let go the entire time i was there!  She told me that she reads my blog posts!! I couldn't believe it... Jamie reads my blog!  She asked some questions and i was so nervous and excited that I'm sure i spoke a million miles an hour!  I wanted to tell her everything that i felt about her amazing brand.  This was my one chance to let her know how much her products have impacted my life.  If that portion makes it to the commercial, it will probably be a little comical seeing me act like a gitty school girl.  It was just amazing! After meeting Jamie, we were taken to another studio where we shot our before/after pictures.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that mine don't make it on the commercial... oh the horror! lol

This was an experience that i will never forget!  Everyone was so kind, warm and accommodating. The ladies i met were all amazing, each with a story to tell. The commercial is currently being edited and as you know, these things take time.  Lots of time!  It could take as much as 6 months but you never know.  I will keep you posted with more info as i learn more.  I don't know if I'll actually make it on the commercial as they will be doing a lot of editing but if i do, I'll be sure to let you know.  Oh and the kit that is being promoted when the commercial airs is out of this world! Get very excited for two new launches that are sure to rock your world!  I feel so lucky that i already have these products and use them everyday!  I love them so much and am sure you will too!

So there you have it, my little secret is finally revealed!  So excited to team up with this amazing brand and can't wait to see if i'll actually make it on to the final project!  Thank you all so much for your support.  To those that knew and kept it a secret, i so appreciate it!  I love you guys so much! Thank you so much for reading! xoxoxoxoxo, Carla - FMM


  1. It was wonderful to meet you at the filming, Carla! I'm so glad to be introduced to your blog, as well! Karen from San Diego

    1. OMGsh you too Karen! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Keep in touch!! xoxo, Carla

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    1. Thank you so much!!! Yes, very exciting! xoxo