Back To school Style

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Back To school StyleWell it's that time of year again!  Parents are doing the happy dance while kiddies weep at the thought of going back to school!  While it's sad bidding farewell to summer, Fall is an exceptionally exciting time too, particularly for fashion!  So i thought I'd put together some back to school items that you won't want to go without this Fall!

A backpack is an obvious necessity.  But really, this is not just a school thing!  In fact, i find myself reaching for one more and more!  I always take one on short trips, particularly as a mommy, it's nice to have my hands free to tend to my girls.  Oh and your backpack can be a simple no fuss situation or a statement piece like this navy blue Rebecca Minkoff! Here are some amazing backpacks to choose from! A stylish pair of sneakers will ensure you get that extra mile in without hurting your pretty little toes!  I'm obsessed with this yellow pair! Being on time is important so you'll want to wrap a super cute watch around your wrist.  This functional accessory will ensure you're always on time for class!  Oh and yes, I'm still obsessed with the mirrored aviators so i think they're still a must have fashion accessory.  Plus, they're kind of timeless!  I found so many cute outfit options here! Seriously, I'm loving so many things that I'm having a hard time limiting myself!  Grrrr Oh and we could all use a super cute 'brunch money' pouch no?

Love a good sale?  Check out the amazing selection here!  With prices like these, I'm seriously not going to hold back!  Well, if you're going back to school this Fall, i wish you a successful and super stylish year!
Thank you so much for reading! Xo, Carla - FMM

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  1. you know, i have to admit that though i'm no longer in school and my baby is still too young, i LOVE back to school. lol, maybe it's more of the fall season that i love. =) great picks!