BeautyCon NYC Recap

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Yesterday, i attended BeautyCon in NYC.  Basically it's a beauty conference for anyone who loves well... beauty!  Initially i thought this was more blogger geared but as i waited on what felt like the longest line on earth to get in, i quickly realized this was more geared towards YouTube beauty guru fans.  Personally, i don't really keep up with many YouTube gurus so this portion of BeautyCon didn't appeal to me all that much.  Lucky for me, i was in great company!  My awesome friend, beauty blogger Niki from HelloMissNiki  came with me so we ended up having a great time.  We are both Jersey girls so we took the ferry into NYC which was fun.  Once we arrived, as i mentioned before, we waited in line after line to get in.  We had VIP tickets which supposedly allowed us to get in at 9am instead of the 10 am regular admission. What actually happened was we arrived a little before 9 and waited in line forever and ever and didn't actually get inside the venue until about 10am anyway.  Clearly, i didn't see the purpose of the 'early arrival' perk but things happen so we just went with the flow.  Once inside, the venue (Pier 36) was relatively large with an open layout.  There were a bunch of different brands there with stands filled with product.  Tarte offered a selection of products at discounted rates so i made sure to stock up on Lights, Camera, Action mascara and a shadow stick in a gorgeous Olive green.  Then we moved on to the Bare Minerals section which was by far my favorite FAVORITE part of the entire event.  In fact, this booth is what made BeautyCon worth it for me!  Basically, one of their makeup artists matched me with my shade of their new and very much hyped BareSkin Pure Brightening Foundation and gifted it to me along with the super cool brush that everyone is talking about.  This brush has a slightly hollow spot in the middle where you place a few drops of foundation in to facilitate application.  I almost bought these two the day before and was thrilled that i hadn't because lucky me, i got to take them home free!  A major shout out to Bare Minerals for their generosity.  I also took home a gorgeous Bare Minerals coral Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss! Stay tuned for a review! Seriously, this was very generous and everyone who attended BeautyCon and visited their booth took these beauties home!  The gift bag was decent... nothing out of this world but always fun to get.  There was a section for the actual conference portion of BeautyCon featuring many YouTube beauty gurus as well as Whitney Port and Joe Zee of Elle Magazine.  I went in for a few minutes but there was no place to sit and it just got so crowed that i opted to leave! I met the super sweet Beauty Judy (check out her awesome blog here) and couldn't resist taking a pic of her attempting to take a bite out of the giant pizza displays!  How cute is she?!  I loved meeting the gorgeous Serein Wu of Dress Yourself Happy (check out her awesome YouTube channel here) who flew in all the way from LA to attend this event!  She's a sweetie and we've already made plans for a major beauty haul when i fly out to LA in late July for a special project (it's a secret... shhhhh... OK, I'll fill you in soon!)

Serein and I

Beauty Loot!
Beauty Judy and the supersized pizza lol... love this pic!
Overall, BeautyCon was a major disappointment for me.  It wasn't organized, there were lines everywhere, there wasn't enough seating to accommodate the actual conference portion of the event.  For me, LuckyFabb has been by far, the best and most informative conference!  I honestly cannot wait for this year's NYC event!  As for BeautyCon, i will not be in attendance next year! Don't get me wrong, the day was great regardless.  I spent quality time with my wonderful friend Niki!  After the event, we had a late lunch at PF Chang's followed by a super fun beauty haul at Ulta!  Sooooo... Niki and i decided to do a collaborative post with all the fun things we bought! Stay tuned for that!

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Thank you so much for reading! xoxo, Carla - FMM


  1. LMAO Judy! Love her! I wish you'd have come to TMS I'd have loved to have met you! Hopefully soon!

    1. Isn't she awesome! Yes, we have to meet!!!!

  2. It was so awesome to meet you!!! I wish I knew my way around public transportation enough to have come to lunch with you ladies and trained it back to Hamilton, LOL! And man, looking at that pizza picture, I could go for a real slice, hahahaha! <3 Hope to see you again!!!

    1. Loved meeting you Judy! Haha yes the pizza looks delish! lol xoxox