Agave Heating Oil Treatment

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

When Beverly Hills hairdresser Fernando Romero created Agave Heating Oil Treatment, he must have had me in mind!  I have the world's most unruly hair ever!  OK so i may be over-dramatizing things a bit but seriously, my hair is quite the diva!  It's thick, rarely obedient and frizzes at the mere mention of the word 'humidity'... sigh.  What's a beauty blogger to do about such travesties? Why arm herself with products that will quickly vanish these types of hairy situations (pun intended) of course!  

So lets chat ingredients!  Did you know that Mexico's blue agave is best known as the soure of tequila?  Well no salt or lemon necessary here!  This beauty lets the amino sugars in agave work their miracles by soothing hair and infusing it with moisture.  It doesn't stop there however!  This heating oil is packed with an array of natural conditioning ingredients to keep hair soft and beautiful such as vanilla, coconut and baobab seed oil, to name a few.  Oh and no worries, this beauty is free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates! Cheers to that... Phew

For best results, i use a dime-sized dab of Agave Heating Oil Treatment between the palms of my hands and distribute it evenly throughout my damp hair.   Now that the weather is warmer, i love to air dry my hair as to avoid further damage from styling tools.  This beauty keeps my curls defined and my hair looking healthy!  When i do however opt to blow dry, i know i can reach for this amazing product to help keep my locks looking smooth and sleek.  I also love to add a dab of this oil on my ends when my hair is dry.  I feel like it really helps to seal in the cuticle!  Pssst... this baby can double as a body oil!  Oh yeah! Oh and another major bonus alert... it smells uhhhhhh-mazing!  Yum!  
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Thank you SO MUCH for reading!  xoxo, Carla - FMM
Press sample - all opinions are my own based on my experience with this product.


  1. Your hair looks absolutely wonderful. Living in Vancouver I finally figured out how to deal with my hair but now that I've moved I'm trying to figure it all out again!

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