Reach For Bobble

Monday, March 31, 2014

I've been taking my workouts pretty seriously these days.  A good water bottle is one of the most essentials things you can equip yourself with when putting in quality time at the gym.  I've been through my share of doozies, that is... until i met Bobble!  Fist, can we please chat about how super cute this bottle is?  I mean, that's totally important right?  It comes in an array of gorgeous colors and sizes so that you can promptly coordinate your bottle with your exercise outfit!  What?  Surely i'm not the only one right?  OK now lets talk functionality!  Bobble is a stylish and very smart way to make every drop of water you drink better.  This reusable bottle filters water as you drink.  When water passes through the ingenious carbon filter, chlorine is removed from ordinary tap water making it taste better, crisp and clean!  Each replaceable bobble filter equates to 300 single-serve bottles.  After 1 year, you alone have removed thousands of bottles from the environment, simply by filtering the water from your tap.  Bobble is BPA free, and free of Pthalates and PVC.

While i find this bottle ideal for the gym, i think it's also quite functional for mommies like myself! I'm picking one up for each of my girls for an upcoming Disney trip.  This way, i can fill it up during the day at the parks and rest assured the water is filtered and safe to drink!  Seriously, this bottle is amazing and i'm excited to tell you that it's available at one of my FAVORITE stores... Target!  So go ahead... drink up!

Thank you so much for reading! xoxo, Carla - FMM

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  1. Sounds too good to be true! This water bottle is a-may-zing!!!

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