Pixi Spring Launch Party in NYC With Target Style!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

I was stoked to get an invite to Pixi's Spring Launch party.  First, because I'm a huge fan of the brand, second I'm obsessed with Target, and third, i think Pixi's spring launch is quite possibly my favorite yet and so i was excited to see it all up close and personal!  This party was everything and more!  When i walked in, i was immediately drawn the the stunning hues surrounding the room. There were gorgeous sprays of pastel toned flowers, painter's palettes adorned with Pixi products, over sized paint brushes, makeup stations for quick touch-ups, a photo station complete with props for fun photo ops, champagne, cheese, macaroons... gosh the list goes on and on! This feast for your eyes, and senses quickly mesmerized me!  Speaking of a feast for your eyes, you guys, Petra Strand, the creator of Pixi is seriously gorgeous!  She was so welcoming and made me feel so at ease! Shortly after meeting her, we posed for an impromptu photo shoot!  It was SO fun!  I'll treasure that photo and memory for as long as i live!  Side Note: When i initially met Petra, a huge bead of sweat dripped down my forehead and no matter how discrete my attempt was at wiping it off... there was just no way out of it.  I finally confessed that after having my twin girls, my hormones have been a little out of whack and well, sweat happens!  She was so sweet about it and quickly asked about my little ladies which made me breathe a little easier!  Oh and lastly, when her pretty shoes pinched her feet half way through the event, she took them off and rocked bare feet for the duration of the night!  Petra... you're my kind of girl!

OK on to the makeup!  This collection was inspired by watercolor hence, the painter's palettes and water color canvases throughout the room.  One particular work of art i quite enjoyed, was a DIY nail polish canvas art featuring the spring collection's nail polish colors.  I'm obsessed with the blue polish and am going to purchase it stat!  It's seriously a must have you guys!  There was one palette in particular that completely blew me away... the Emerald Gold palette has the most stunning emerald green shadow you've ever seen... like ever!!!  The cheek tints were spectacular, the balms were stunning!  Honestly, this is one of those collections that you will have a very hard time narrowing down your choices!  You'll want it ALL!  The endless silky eye pens are divine.  In fact, i recently purchased one in Emerald Gold but am going to pick up Blue Black soon!  I have a ton of product swatches to show you in a future post so stay tuned!

Overall, this night was AMAZING!  Thank you Pixi, Petra and Target for an unforgettable evening of beauty!  You can shop Pixi's new launch at Target stores or Pixi online!

Thank you SO MUCH for reading! XOXO, Carla - FMM

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