Temptu Airbrush System Video Tutorial

Monday, January 13, 2014

OK I haven't been this excited about something in a long time!  This... is... mah-jorThe Temptu Airbrush System will literally change your life!  How so you ask?  Well, picture yourself... just as pretty.... but your complexion... FLAWLESS!  I mean, this baby will leave your skin looking camera ready,  like porcelain!   Best part?  It's SO easy to use!  I would not steer you wrong my gorgeous readers... no no no!  In all honesty, I was a bit intimidated when this baby arrived in the mail.  As excited as I was, I actually put it off to the side for a few days to kind of work up the courage to use it.  When I finally did, I could not believe how easy the whole process was.  In fact, I don't think it takes me any longer to use this versus my usual routine consisting of primer, foundation or cc cream, powder etc.  With the Temptu Airbrush System, you will not need to prime your skin!  Crazy right?  And no worries... once this baby goes on your pretty little face, it's there to STAY! 

fyi... no photoshop on this baby! 

As if the fact that this beauty is a total miracle worker isn't plenty already, the Patricia Field Signature Kit - Martine Girl exudes fabulosity!  Get your cosmos ready ladies (and gents if you're into that sorta thing.... no judgments here) because this pretty baby pays homage to the uber talented SATC stylist herself! I could never forget my first time in one of her NYC stores... I was sixteen and have been a fan ever since! 

Temptu is the answer to every woman's prayer!  Step aside all you red carpet beauties gracing the Golden Globes, because we've uncovered your little beauty secret!  With Temptu... you too can look red carpet ready on a living room carpet budget!  Sound good?  Check out my video tutorial for all the deets!

So lets chat... have you tried the Temptu Airbrush System?  What did you think?  

Thank you SO MUCH for reading! XOXO Carla - FMM

*Press Sample - All opinions are my own.  This is not a sponsored post.


  1. I have heard so many amazing things about this system! Your makeup looks fantastic!

  2. you too can look red carpet ready on a living room carpet budget! Sound good? Check out my video tutorial for all the deets!

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