DIY Lipstick Art inspired by Jouer

Thursday, November 14, 2013

If you follow Jouer on Instagram, you know that at many of their store events, they encourage customers to create their very own lipstick art.  Well, when I recently reviewed and fell in love with Jouer's gorgeous array of reds featured in their Fall 2013 collection, I knew I'd want in on the Lipstick art action!  I mean, perhaps it's a bit self indulgent but the finished product is so dang pretty so... why not!  So here's what I used:

  1. Frames in your choice of size.  Also, i white sheet of card stock sized to fit your frame.
  2. Your favorite lipsticks/glosses.  Of course Jouer is always a good choice!
  3. Your pretty pout.... kiss the paper in various colors and textures.  
Have fun with this!  I have so many ideas about future lipstick art which I'll share with you soon.  But for now, i have to say that i absolutely love to see my pretty lipstick art sitting on my antique letter desk.  It makes me smile every time i walk by.  So go ahead and give it a try... and if you do, be sure to show me your gorgeous creations!  Kiss kiss... Carla - FMM

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