Spa Life Under Eye Strips

Monday, May 27, 2013

Life can be a bit hectic at times!  You know, crazy work days, chasing the twinados around, laundry, cooking, lip gloss swatching.... with so much going on, i often find myself neglecting some much needed me time!  Spa trips are such a wonderful indulgence, but when i can't make it to the spa, it's nice to know that i have some at home options that work wonders and give me some much needed spa-like gratification!  I, along with many other women out there, suffer from dark bags under my eyes.  I rarely leave the house without something to conceal this dreadful situation!  However, now, when my eyes are feeling exceptionally tired, i simply reach for Spa Life's powerful yet soothing under eye strips!

The Wake Up Under Eye Revitalizer has all the necessary ingredients conveniently packed into strips to keep your eyes looking bright and refreshed!  These strips are formulated with espresso beans and vitamin E to instantly perk up your eyes!  Think of it as the perfect cup of java for your eyes!   Allow yourself about 20 minutes to just enjoy the benefits of this treatment!  If you're a coffee lover like me, you'll love these espresso scented strips!

Another great option are the Refreshing Under Eye Strips in Cucumber Lemon!  While they provide the same benefit as the Wake Up Under Eye Revitalizer, their relaxing scent will feel like a little slice of heaven to the skin under your eyes! Each package is equipped with 24 strips (12 treatments)!  At $12 per pack, these strips are an absolute steal!  You could essentially but a truck load for the price of ONE spa treatment right?  So why not treat yourself... at this price, you can't afford not to!  

I treated myself to a bubble bath while relaxing with my eye strips!

So lets chat!  Have you tried Spa Life's under eye strips?  What are your favorites? 

Thank you SO MUCH for reading!  XOXO Carla - FMM

*Products provided by Spa Life for consideration.  All opinions are mine.  This is not a sponsored post!


  1. These looks amazing did they work really well? xox

    holly xox

    1. Hi Holly, yes, they were very soothing and felt very good on my tired eyes! xoxo

  2. I need those refreshing strips right now!!!

    1. You should totally get some Caroline, they're a great deal! xo

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