Wet n Wild Fergie Centerstage Photo Op Eyeshadow in Maldives Sky

Friday, April 12, 2013

I'll admit, at times, i can be a bit of a makeup snob (bowing my head shamefully).  But lately, I've been exploring more drugstore brands and am happily finding wonderful gems!   This Wet n Wild Fergie Centerstage Photo Op Eyeshadow palette in Maldives Sky (wow that's a mouthful) spoke to me simply because I've been admiring Nars Duo Eyeshadow in Mad Mad World for a while now.  And while i have no issue splurging in Nars shadows, i worried that perhaps this particular duo may be a bit risque for this momma to invest in!  Oh who am i kidding, I've sported blue black hair at one point in my life!  Though rather then splurging on the Nars shadows, i opted for the Wet n Wild palette as it has a very similar feel and costs about $30 less!  

No regrets here!  For under $5, i was able to create a fun and playful ombre look! And honestly... i didn't think it looked so bad!  The shadows are pigmented enough... some more then others.  I'll say they're not the softest shadows i own by any means, but they're certainly not hard and chalky either!

In the picture above, the three colors to the left are the most pigmented out of the bunch which is fine with me because they're my favorite!

As you can see from the picture below, i started with the mint hue on my inner lids, then added the gorgeous turquoise to the middle of my lids and finally the navy on the corner of my lids!

Yikes, major close up! 

Finished look!

Overall, i definitely recommend this palette.  It's inexpensive and totally wearable!  Though I'm not gonna lie... i totally still want the Nars Duo!  I know... i have issues!  According to Allure, i should be on an episode of Makeup Hoarders!  Ouch!  That's OK.... FMM rules that a girl can never have too much makeup!  Holler if you agree!

So lets chat, have you tried any of the Fergie for Wet n Wild palettes?  What were your thoughts?  I tried a couple of the lipsticks and was actually quite impressed with the texture and feel.  

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  1. Love the colors!!! Who knew wet n' wild made great eye shadows?! Great post!

    1. Thanks Joey... who knew I could teach my gorgeous MAC artist sister a thing or two about makeup! haha love ya!

  2. Oh this sounds great! I'm going to have to check it out....like you, sigh, I have the same problem and I really love Nars but this might be a great alternative especially if I'm not going to wear it very often.

    1. Precisely my point! Great minds think alike Caroline! xoxo