Sephora Eye Makeup Remover Pads

Saturday, February 2, 2013

I have to worst eye allergies!  In fact, I've sampled hundreds of eye makeup removers and have found most to be way too harsh for my overly sensitive eyes.  On a recent trip to Sephora, i decided to try their Eye Makeup Remover Pads.  I figured, what do i have to loose right?  Well, I'm so glad that i did because these were so gentle on my eyes!  They wiped all of my makeup away including mascara while moisturizing my lashes rather then breaking them off as with many harsher makeup removers.  These wipes don't leave your eyes feeling greasy and oily as with other similar wipes.  The best news is that it is formulated without parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances and phthalates!  If you can't pronounce it, it shouldn't be in your eye makeup remover right?

So lets chat!  What are your favorite eye makeup removers?  Do you suffer from eye allergies or sensitive eyes?  I'd love to hear your tips or words of advice on how to cope.  Thank you SO MUCH for reading!  XOXO Carla - FMM


  1. My favorite eye makeup removers are the ones you can buy in The Netherlands, from a pharmacy called DA.

  2. Oh that sounds fantastic! I've tried so many makeup removing products and a lot of them can be really harsh. These ones sound great though!

  3. They sound great. I've been using Lancome (waterproof) for years but it's definitely a little greasy!