Julep Nail Growth Revitalizing System

Saturday, February 2, 2013

For the past few years, I've ignored the whole New Year's resolution thing.  However, this year, i was determined to set a few for myself simply because i felt a tremendous need for a fresh start of sorts.  One is to take better care of my body by detoxing which i will chat with you about at a later date.  The other is to take better care of my nails and cuticles.  You see, as a mommy of twins, I'm constantly washing my hands or washing somebody's hands, which can take a toll on your hands, particularly in the heart of winter!  I don't have time for regular manicures so i often find myself painting my nails after the girls' have gone to sleep.  By then, I'm usually exhausted and ready to just polish and be done!

As part of my New Year's resolution, I've turned to the experts for some help!  Julep's Nail Growth Revitalizing System is the perfect answer to my resolution needs!  I keep this set on my nightstand and have committed to using it every night.  I've definitely noticed a difference in my nails.  They're growing fast and my nails feel stronger then ever.  This two-step system has cutting-edge peptides that stimulate keratin genes and cell proliferation to boost the growth of stronger nails.  The Nail Therapy strengthens and nourishes the nails with Vitamin E.  So now I'm bidding farewell to my weak and often neglected nails/cuticles and saying hello to a fresh new start!  Cheers to New Year's Resolutions and happy nails!

So lets chat!  What are your go-to nail treatments?  Have you tried Julep's Nail Growth Revitalizing System?   What are your thoughts?

Thank you SO MUCH for reading!  XOXO Carla - FMM


  1. This product is great. Maybe my sister owns this. I am totally unknown about nail matters and merely I own 3 nail polishes that dangles in my lower cup board! My new year resolution is to learn some nail art and I hope that I could stick to them :D
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  2. Great post! Would def try it out!! :)

  3. Oh I so have to give this a try, great review!