Pacifica Coconut Water Wipes

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So the other day, on my almost daily stroll through Target, i stumbled across an interesting line of products called Pacifica.  I was immediately drawn to their  Coconut Water Wipes not just because of their super cute packaging, but the fact that they're infused with... well, coconut water!   I always keep a stash of makeup remover wipes on my nightstand as a sure fire way to never miss going to bed without a relatively clean face!  These wipes not only smell uhhh-mazing, but they're biodegradable which is great news for the environment!  They gently remove toxins, oils, pollutants and makeup from your skin.  At a whopping 5.99 for a pack of 30, you can't afford not to pick these up!  All this goodness makes these skin-loving wipes an indispensable part of your daily cleansing routine!

In addition to these wipes, i also picked up one of their Color Quench Lip Tint which I'll chat with you about at a later date!  But for now, I'm super excited about this line and now want to try every single product to see how they stand against these super awesome wipes!

So lets chat!  Have you spotted Pacifica products at your local Target?  If you've had a chance to try them, let me know your thoughts? What other products do you think I'd love?

Thank you so much for reading!  XOXO Carla