Sunday, December 30, 2012

Santa Baby!

Soooo Santa was real good to me this year!  Thought I'd share some of my favorite things with you!

The first thing was this STUNNING Anthropologie boho top.  It was on my wish list but was so expensive that i honestly didn't think I'd get it.  I screamed when i saw it!  I'm obsessed with it! 

The hubby got me the gorgeous chunky JCrew bracelet that I'd been drooling over for a while now!  He also gave me the Derek Lam slippers... they're so fun!  My parents, whom also gifted me with the gorgeous top, paired it with this super cute Anthropologie wristlet!  I'm so in love with it! 

I also received gift cards to Sephora, Target, Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks... my friends know me so well!~  It was a wonderful Christmas!  The gifts were gorgeous, yes... but the memories made are priceless! 


  1. the bracelet and the wristlet are lovely !x

  2. the shirt looks lovely! :) Happy hollidays :)

  3. Hi beauty <3 <3
    OMG! Beautiful presents...seriously! Love the top, the bracelet and the slippers <3 <3 <3 <3
    We hope that 2013 this full of beautiful moments!
    You already have a new follower! We expect your visit en our blog :D
    Happy new year!!!

  4. <3 Beautiful gifts!!!Lucky girl :) Happy 2013!! Xoxo

  5. Love the floatiness of your top, so pretty...slippers are adorable!
    Wishing you a fun, fulfilling ad fabulous New year!

  6. I love that bracelet.
    Great blog you have, check mine if you like.


  7. Stumbled across your blog and I really like it! The shoes are amazing by the way :) I am quite new at blogging so if you could check out my blog and give me any advice that would be great. Thanks x

    1. Hi Megan, so glad you found my blog! I'd love to visit yours but you didn't leave me a link :( I clicked on your profile and i guess it's private. If you come back, leave a link and i'll be happy to visit! I try and visit everyone that stops by:)

  8. lovely prints :D happy holidays!

    enjoy your new years eve :D


  9. thanks for your comment =) i follow u now <3

  10. Anthropologie is always nice! I love your top (:
    Anyways, thanks for following me!
    I would love to follow you back.


  11. Whooo hoooo he got the bracelet!!!! I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday hun great gifts and good times, doesn't get any better than that!! Happy New Year!