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Sunday, December 9, 2012

As an Allure Magazine Beauty Enthusiast, I've been graced with wonderful opportunities from attending a "meet and greet" at the Conde Naste Building (AKA Allure headquarters), to being an Allure Magazine panelist at the HBA Global Expo this past June in NYC.  My most recent task was to test Pantene's new line of hair care called Pantene Expert Collection Age Defy.  Allure sent me an Age Defy shampoo, conditioner as well as the Advance Thickening Treatment.  My job was to use the shampoo/conditioner at least 6 times consecutively.  I was also asked to use the thickening treatment every day.  Once my task was complete, i needed to report back to Allure all my thoughts on the products at hand. 

In all honesty, when i first received the products, i was a bit skeptical simply because many years ago I'd tried Pantene products, and they simply weren't a great match for my hair.  However, i committed to this task and wanted to give these products an unbiased fair chance.  So let me preface by saying that i can immediately tell if a shampoo/conditioner will work on my hair from the minute i apply.  The reason being that my hair is very thick and course, so if a shampoo/conditioner does not immediately smooth out and hydrate my hair... then it simply won't work for me.  Well, the very minute i applied this shampoo, i felt an immediate connection.  First, it smelled wonderfully light and not overpowering.  Second, it worked up a nice lather and my hair felt very soft.  I could easily run my fingers through it without any major tangling which completely impressed me.  Next, i applied the conditioner.  I left it on for a couple of minutes while i completed my shower/shaved etc.  When i rinsed it off, i combed my hair thoroughly in the shower and didn't even have to struggle with any unruliness!  My hair felt incredibly soft and super smooth... so far so good Pantene! 

I decided not to use any of my usual 'after shampoo' products so that i could truly put these products to the test!  I simply blow dried my hair and was incredibly pleased with the outcome.  My hair felt very soft and looked great!  I was very concerned about trying out the thickening treatment considering i have thick hair already.  But as i used it more and more, i felt that it actually worked for me.  I'll explain why... you see, although my hair is thick and dry for the most part, i do have some oiliness that builds on my scalp.  So there are plenty of times where a little dry shampoo gives me the help i need to even out my hair.  However, i felt that this product 'woke up' the hair on my roots leaving it more vibrant and not so flat in that area.  I simply dabbed a few drops of this on my hands and applied solely to my root area.  As an added bonus, this product left my hair smelling sooo good!  I also love that it's not greasy and has quite an interesting texture. 

Overall, i felt that this was a wonderful experience for me.  I typically spend a ton of money on hair products.   Thankfully now i know i don't have to!  These products worked very well for me and i have already purchased a second set as I'm really enjoying them.  I'm so grateful to Allure for sending these out to me because it opened my eyes to a brand that i would have otherwise skipped past in the store.  Now, i stop... and purchase!   So lets chat... have you tried these products yet?  What are your thoughts?  I'd love to hear them! 

You can purchase these products at your local drugstore or at Allure.

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  1. lucky you!

  2. Pantene products are the best!!! :)

  3. Thanks so much for this thorough and honest review, we haven't yet received this range from pantene as yet here in SA

  4. Wow! These sound great! Thanks for posting this! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

  5. I have never tried this but it sounds great!

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  6. Great review, I've heard so many good things about pantene products!


  7. i dont need it yet

  8. I never tried Pantene shampoos, but it seems like nice products!! Fab review! ^_^ xx, Indira from cherietmoi

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  10. I'm looking for a new shampoo.. I must try.

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