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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Have you ever felt as though your foundation is looking a bit streaky, or your eye shadow is just not creating the impact you'd hoped for?  Well, don't discard your makeup just yet!  Instead, take a good look at your brushes and determine if perhaps it's time to invest in new ones?  Trust me, a brush can make all the difference in the makeup application process!  You may find that a new brush brings a whole new life to those products you already know and love!  Real Techniques offers high quality brushes at rather reasonable prices!  These beauties were designed with pro makeup artist Samantha Chapman, combining high-tech materials with innovative design to make for a perfect makeup application. 

While representing Allure magazine at the HBA Global Expo this past June, I had the pleasure of meeting one of 'Real Technique's representative who kindly gifted me with these three amazing brushes.  Now I'm not gonna lie, i was a bit skeptical at first!  I'm very VERY partial to MAC & Sephora when it comes to makeup brushes.  However, after trying these, i was incredibly impressed with the quality, the application and the design.  I LOVED that some of these brushes could actually stand upright on my counter!  It made them that much easier to reach for!  I can't say enough about how good these brushes felt against my skin as well as how well the makeup went on.  There was no streaking whatsoever!   I have to say, i love these so much, i want the entire collection! 

Here's another great thing about Real Techniques, their website is incredibly informative.  In fact, if you are a makeup FREAK like myself, then you're already familiar with Samantha Chapman's 'Pixiwoo' YouTube tutorials!  When it comes to makeup, she's more then just an educator but a guru of sorts!  She can help you transform yourself from blah to 'holy gorgeousness' in a matter of minutes!  If you haven't watched any of her videos, be sure to do so and you'll see for yourself!  Also, here's the kicker!  The website has video tutorials for every single brush in their collection!  Take that MAC and Sephora!  Now don't get me wrong, i still love and always will love my MAC and Sephora brushes, but believe me... these will make a wonderful new addition to my hefty brush collection!

Ok so here are the brushes!

So the first brush is the Expert Face Brush, perfect for applying liquid or cream foundation!  You will look 'pixel perfect' even in the harshest of lights!  Its ultra-plush, synthetic taklon bristles are hand-cut and 100% cruelty-free!

The next brush is probably my favorite!  It's called the Stippling Brush.  The Real Techniques website describes it as the trades secret for creating airbrushed, high-definition results with all types of makeup, and personally, i AGREE!  Coincidentally, Real Techniques must have read my mind, because i had plans to add this brush to my collection the very day that i received it in the mail!  I literally squealed when i saw this beauty!  Especially since it saved me a trip to the make up counter!

From subtle to dramatic, the Shading Brush is perfect for flawless, high definition results!  I know my eyeshadow was perfection when i used it!


These gorgeous brushes are available via the Real Techniques website.  If you absolutely must see them in person before purchasing (and i encourage you to), please visit your local Ulta!  Thank you SO MUCH for reading!  Don't forget to become an official follower of FMM!  XOXO Carla


  1. I am such a massive fan of Samantha's and the pixiwoo team, so I have been dying to get my hands on these brushes. Unfortunately, they don't sell them in Canada, so I am looking to order them online instead! I have only heard wonderful things about them!

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