Have YOU been sugared lately?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Attention all my shaving, waxing and threading friends!  Have you been sugared lately?  Wait, what?  You’ve never heard of sugaring?  Well, luckily I’m here to tell you all about it!  So I was recently invited by Ann Mazza to the Vito Mazza Salon & Spa in the heart of Woodbridge, NJ.  They were hosting a “body sugaring” event for their clients.  Body sugaring sounded divine to me.  I instantly had visions of a wonderful body scrub, exfoliating all the dead skin damaged by the dry winter months. 
So when I arrived at the Salon/Spa, I was instantly greeted by Vito and Ann.  They were incredibly welcoming and immediately gave me a tour of the facility.  The spa area was very serene, warm and so inviting.   I could have lounged in the ‘tranquility room’ for hours cuddled up with my favorite magazine while sipping on tea.  Ok, back to reality!  The salon area felt quite upscale, clean, beautiful and the staff was incredibly professional.  I would soon learn that ‘body sugaring’ is in fact a wonderful alternative to waxing
History of Sugaring according to AlexandriaProfessional:  Sugaring is a method of depilation that has been used since 1900 BC.  It was created as the ultimate hair removal procedure at a time when a hairless, totally smooth body was considered to be healthy and clean, but also the standard of youth, beauty and innocence for women in Egypt.  It was an indulgent pampering treatment and also a social activity for young Egyptians. 

What it is:  As stated above, sugaring is a method of hair removal.  What separates it from the all the other forms of hair removal is the fact that it’s a sugar paste based on an Egyptian recipe.  It’s 100% natural, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and is actually edible!  YES edible!  In fact, I tasted it and let me tell you, it was certainly yummy!
Ann introduced me to their special guest Lina Kennedy, the president of Alexandria Professional. They are “the pioneers of body sugaring hair removal – transforming this ancient process into a modern day beauty industry miracle treatment for both men and women”.  Lina was a very fun, quirky individual.  She immediately asked me what I typically do for hair removal.  The truth is, I’m not a very hairy person so I usually just shave using my favorite ‘intuition’ razor.  She assured me that even though I shave my underarms everyday, she could still remove hair from that area.  She used these special eye glasses that magnified your skin, making it easy to detect any missed hairs.  She opted to do a little ‘sugaring’ on that area.  I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous since I’d never even waxed before.  She prepped my skin, and then proceeded to sugar the area, removing any hair that may have been there.  I have to say, yes it hurt a bit, but the pain was minimal.  It’s been almost two weeks and the hair has yet to come back!  That alone would have sold me, but I explained that the one area I was really concerned about was my upper lip.  I don’t have a ton of hair there either, but even the tiny blonde hairs in that area create a shadow.  I typically use a depilatory in that area, but was not really happy with the results.  So Lina proceeded to ‘sugar’ my upper lip.  Well, I’ve converted for sure!  It was quick, the pain was minimal and the results were AMAZING! You MUST try it!   I honestly can’t wait to try it on other body parts!

If you are not fully convinced, here are some other advantages to sugaring:
v     It is more gentle and less painful than other forms of hair removal
v     There is no burning, bruising, or blisters caused as the sugar paste is at room temperature
v     It is safe, sanitary, and skin friendly
v     It removes hair in the natural direction of growth eliminating ingrown hairs and other skin irritations
v     It’s 100% natural
v     It is a natural preservative where bacteria does not breed
v     It is safe for eczema, spider veins, and psoriasis
v     The sugar paste adheres to the hair causing minimal discomfort
v     It is effective for all skin types including sensitive skin.
Here are a few pictures from the event!

Pictured below, from left to right:  Lina Kennedy (President of Alexandria Professional), myself Carla Kokoszka, Ann Mazza (owner of Vito Mazza Salon & Spa) & Christie Citsay (Spa Director).

This is the actual product used for body sugaring.  Looks just like honey!
Below are some pictures of the 'tranquility' room at the spa.

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