Think Outside the Rack!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Here's a fun little way to use a common household item for a completely different purpose! A couple of years ago, i found this gorgeous distressed wine rack on clearance at Home Goods for $25! I mean, i couldn't leave it behind, could you?? Thing is, i really didn't need a wine rack as we already owned one. But i knew that i would not only find the perfect place for it, but i was sure to make it useful. So i decided to place it in my guest bathroom! Yes, you read correctly! I searched my linen closet for bath towels in coordinating colors and decided to roll them up and place them inside where the 'wine bottles' were meant to be and voila! Previously, i had a super cool white retro wine rack from Crate and Barrel in my other guest bathroom. It was a much smaller rack simply shaped like a square with some holes in it for wine (or in my case towels!) You can use just about any kind of wine rack, it doesn't have to be a fancy piece of furniture! Here's a pic! Oh and i was playing photographer with my camera and decided why not post a few other home accents. Enjoy :)

I thought this picture came out cool... it's the same bathroom that currently holds the wine/towel rack.  Please note, the gorgeous picture of my girls is taken by the most amazing children's photographer.  You can check out her work at

In keeping with the season....


  1. Thanks for the wine rack idea!! I have had one in my closet for months! We don't drink wine. It was a gift and I just figured, I'll think of something...someday. It's a metal one.

  2. Well there you go!!! lol I'll share a few more tricks soon :)