Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I've always had very thick, wavy, hard to manage hair. I spend a small fortune on haircare using the best hair products i could find, however, at times my hair still seems to have a mind of it's own. Working full time and being a mommy to 4 year old twins, i don't have much time to fuss with my hair. I recently encountered a wonderful treatment that i will blog about at a later date called 'Therama Fuse'. It's basically a hair straightener that helped me tremendously with the 'swelling' issues i had with my hair. One requirement for ensuring that this treatment lasts 4-6 months is using solely 'sulfate free' products. A few months ago, while channel surfing, i came across an infomercial for WEN hair care products. Now, usually i skip right through all infomercials because i hate being suckered into unnecessary junk. However, Chaz Dean, the creator of WEN hair care, had recently been on a couple of episodes of "Flipping Out" on Bravo which is a show i really enjoy. So i figured I'd see what he had to sell me. The products looked great and the clients seemed to be happy BUT it's an infomercial and that's what's suppose to happen right? So i took to the Internet to read some reviews and i was SOLD! The initial cost is $29.99 but you get the cleansing conditioner, the re-moist intensive hair treatment, the styling creme, the texture balm and a hair comb with free shipping. All this seemed to be a great deal and it was all sulfate free. When it arrived in the mail, i was eager to try it. It has an online tutorial as well as a booklet that comes with it. Overall it's pretty easy to use. The products have a very soothing scent. My hair feels so soft, even when wet! I am able to comb it out using my new comb with no pulls or tugs. It is quite evident when i blow dry my hair that it feels considerably softer. Overall, this is a wonderful product! I do find that using a regular sulfate free shampoo/conditioner once a week is good as this product can make your hair a bit limp after a while. The only annoying factor is the fine print which basically automatically enrolls you as a member where they ship the product every month to you. However, a simple phone call took care of all that. The great thing about calling to cancel my membership was the promotional email i received a month later offering all this for only $19.99!!! SCORE! Couldn't pass that up!


  1. I have always wondered about this product. Thanks for the great info (and the heads-up about the enrollment program). I'm going to try it!

  2. That's great Christine! I'll try and gather up the nerve to post a picture of my hair. I hate taking pictures of myself although i think sometimes it's helpful for these purposes! Wait until you see a before/after of the day i did the thermafuse treatment! lol